Fire Island School District Expands Pre-K and Non-Resident Enrollment

Fire Island School District will soon be offering full-day pre-K and an expanded non-resident enrollment program at its public elementary school. Both expansions will go into effect at Woodhull School for the 2017-2018 school year.

“There has been a statewide interest in full-day pre-K,” says Philip Tamberino, Fire Island School District teacher. “We have the resources to do it and we’re excited about it.” In the past, Woodhull School has offered a half-day pre-K program.  

The pre-K to sixth grade public elementary school is located in Ocean Beach on Fire Island. It will now be accepting more non-residents in all grades than it has been able to in the past, for the 2017-2018 school year. “We’ve had most of our non-resident students come from neighboring districts like Bay Shore, Babylon, and West Islip, but we can accept them from anywhere,” Tamberino says.

“There is an interest in keeping the school a vibrant place. We believe it’s a win-win for our community and families off-island who are looking for schools,” Tamberino says.

The school day runs from 8am-2:35pm for elementary school students and, in the coming school year, will have the same hours for its pre-K program.

Fire Island School District strives to take a collaborative approach to instruction in order to meet the individual needs of its students. Its mission is to create a student-centered environment where its students feel safe and supported.

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Main image: Students from Woodhull School on an environmental field trip on the island
Courtesy Fire Island School District