February it figures

Parties and Pigskins

Number of times the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” was played before the name was officially changed to the “Super Bowl,” after the toy Super Ball: 2

Value of Super Bowl “champions” clothing, preprinted with the losing team’s name, which the NFL donates to children in developing countries: $2 million

Amount Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes allegedly spent in July 2011 on daughter Suri’s second birthday party: $100,000

Age most children want to scale back on birthday parties: 8 or 9

Percent of parents who would spend no more than $100 on a child’s birthday party: 29

Percent who would spend more than $250: 29

Feats and Fetes

Date of National Freedom Day, when President Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th amendment, outlawing slavery, in 1865: Feb. 1

Year President Harry Truman made it an official holiday: 1948

Percent of membership drop in the last decade in the Boy Scouts of America, which celebrates its 101st anniversary on Feb. 8: 11

Estimated number of hours Boy Scouts volunteer every year in the U.S.: 2 million

Percent chance of success for a marriage between one-time teenage lovers who rekindle their romance at least five years later: 76

Percent chance of success for the average marriage: 45

Hours Australian mother Kate Ogg in 2010 embraced the son doctors told her was stillborn before he opened his eyes and proved them wrong: 2

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