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    Oct 17 2018 - Sep 08 2019


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    Justin Favela: RECUÉRDAME

    Organized by guest curator Petrushka Bazin Larsen, Favela’s murals take visitors on a phantasmagoric adventure, rending the Mexican landscape in piñata-cute tissue paper. From the imagery found in Jose Maria Velasco’s expansive 19th-century canvases, to Walt Disney’s 1944 live-action animation film The Three Caballeros and 2017 Pixar animated film Coco, Favela covers over 1,000 square feet of the Museum in a full array of chromatic hues. The result is a larger-than-life immersive environment that recalls some of Favela’s memories of driving through Mexico’s countryside during his visits as a child, as well as contemporary cinematic references that were created for both Latin-American and non-Latin-American audiences to celebrate and exoticize Mexican culture.

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