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  • A Kid’s Life in 1902



    Nov. 18


    11 am



    In 1902, schools were really different. Penmanship was its own class, recess was basically standing up for a few minutes, and inspectors from the Board of Health scrutinized children daily for signs of contagious disease. And there’s much, much more to learn about what children experienced at school more than 100 years ago. (Hint: three-penny lunches, and the reason why you probably don’t know what the word sesquipedalian means!)

    You’ll discover that and more at History Hunters, our brand new series of experiential history programs 
    where we travel back in time to get the inside scoop on life as a turn-of-the-(20th)-century kid. We’re launching this series on Sunday, November 18th with History Hunters: A Kid’s Life at School. And stay tuned for three more programs! Each installment will explore a different dimension of childhood in the early 1900s and is a stand-alone program – but we recommend attending all four for the most fun!

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