Dr. Harvey Karp’s Game-Changing SNOO is Now Available to Rent

mom looking at baby sleeping and family in the background

The Snoo— the world’s first responsive baby bed that helps your baby sleep and lets you rest too–is no longer only available at the exclusive retail price of $1,295. Now, two years after its debut and with over 16 major national and international awards to boast of, this smart bassinet is being offered for rent!

The Snoo’s creator, Dr. Harvey Karp, nationally renowned pediatrician, founder, and CEO of Happiest Baby, expressed that he always wanted to offer the Snoo for rent. “Being a pediatrician, my goal has always been to help as many people as possible,” Dr. Karp says, “So, from the very beginning our plan was to be able to make it available for parents everywhere and really for what they’re spending already on coffee.”

However, when initially launching this smart bed for babies it wasn’t financially feasible for all families .“It takes a lot of money to be able to rent products,” Dr. Karp says. “You have to build thousands to rent them and that costs a lot of money, so we had to start out by selling it.”

Now for rent, the Snoo is being offered at a discounted first-month rental price! Instead of paying the regular rental fee of $148.95, Dr. Karp is offering the Snoo at the discounted price of $58 for the Snoo’s families first month’s rent.“It’s literally less than a latte,” Dr. Karp notes.

So now, for only $2 a day, families can get a peace of mind that their baby is sleeping sound and safe, wrapped in the protective organic cotton sleep sacks that come free with the Snoo, securing newborns on their backs while they snooze. This safety feature alone not only makes the Snoo a smart bed, but one of the best beds for newborn babies.

“That makes it the only bed that meets the American Academy of Pediatrics sleep recommendations,” Dr. Karp explains. “Parents often are frightened, they’re checking their baby all night long, ‘Did my baby roll over?’… because they’re supposed to stay on their back for 6 months. Now, for the first time, they don’t have to worry because they know that when they secure the baby, the baby will stay in the safe position all night long.”

baby smiling

By offering the Snoo for rent, Dr. Karp says that as a company they hope to provide this peace of mind for more families across the nation, aiming to prevent 95 percent of infant sleep deaths and significantly reduce postpartum depression while also helping parents feel successful.

Up until a hundred years ago, it was only natural to have help with caring for a baby, whether that help comes from an older child, grandmother, or neighbor. Nowadays parents often have moved away from these support systems for jobs and opportunities and are left to raise their newborn babies on their own. What modern families are tackling, especially in New York, is “completely abnormal.”

“It’s only really normal to have extra help. Extended family and next door neighbors helping take care of the baby, that’s what everyone had, and now, parents don’t even think they deserve it.” Dr. Karp says. “So with Snoo, in a way, it’s a super-duper swing that’s there to rock and comfort the baby, it gives parents an extra pair of hands and a little break so that they can fix a meal for their toddler, shower, or get a nap.”

Young parents for years have been struggling to get their newborns to sleep through the night and stripped off their familial and neighborly support—they are exhausted trying to raise their children on their own. The Snoo is not only safe and soothing but based on revolutionary science. Dr. Karp has designed a baby bed that essentially trains babies to routinely sleep 9 hours a night by 2-3 months, allowing both babies and parents more rest.

“For the last year, major employers have been renting these beds for their employees.” Dr. Karp says. Now, only a year later, dozens of America’s major companies like Weight Watchers, Snap, and Activision rent the Snoo for new parents that they employ.

With the Snoo, now every family can have the help that they’re meant to have, and renting is simple. Parents only need to click on the website, fill in their information (name, credit card, address, etc.), and the Snoo will be shipped to their door—bringing safe sleep and rest for the whole family.

To learn more about Snoo, visit happiestbaby.com