Why I am Crushing on Governor Andrew Cuomo during Coronavirus


crushing on cuomo

Crushing on Cuomo!

Dear Andy,

Can I call you Andy? Governor Cuomo, you have won my heart in these last few days. Your smooth, even voice, in a time when everyone’s emotions are heightened, I swear, your voice calms me while I sip on my wine and listen to the daily update (thank goodness liquor stores remain open). 

The statistics are staggering. The information is overwhelming. But you have been the even-keeled gentleman that I always knew you would be. You treat us like adults. Carefully explaining the situation. The plan. Who you have been in touch with and the actions you are taking. You are indeed a true leader during a time when we are in dire need of one. 

Let me tell you when my crush, I mean, appreciation began. I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom. Stressed out. Scissors in hand, ready to just give that front portion of my hair a trim…. yeah. Ok. It was bangs. I was prepared to cut bangs. I had my hand poised when suddenly I heard someone saying, “you can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own facts.” The opinion of my bangs? Huh? The fact is bangs do not work for everyone. Who spoke such wisdom? I jumped up and went into the living room, and my eyes fell on you.  

You know when you meet that cute guy, but then he never calls? You are the opposite of that — with all your communication and daily updates. You are a dream. I feel connected. I know where we stand (a minimum of 6 feet apart). You are checking all the boxes women have as they search for a forever partner… I mean, a Governor

You are so darn, relatable. Talking about your family. The impact this has had on you. You have humanized the situation, and despite being in a top political office, can commiserate with the rest of us, as we are all in this together. Thanks for being there with us. 

And you’re a mama’s boy! I sit here hoping that if my son ever finds his way into politics, he names a bill after me… I mean, who else can prove they love their mama by not only creating a bill that is asking New Yorkers over 70 to stay home for their own good, but you name it after you mom? She must be so proud. 

Your daily updates are so calm. No need for hoarding. No crazy talk. You are kind and calm and treat the reporters with respect. I imagine that’s how you treat everyone. And who doesn’t love a respectful man? Every woman’s dream. To be loved and respected. And I know you love us — your concern for our well being is apparent.

Andy, I’ve got three kids (don’t let it scare you!). And man — supporting their learning at home isn’t easy. So many assignments. So many questions. I feel like I’m on a weird, super personal episode of ‘are you smarter than a fifth-grader’. Every day I set them up with school work (endless amounts of work to push their way) and tell them I’m searching for answers to some of their questions when really, I tune into your latest press conference. You in your suit. Me in my pajamas. You’re calm and confident. Me nervous and overwhelmed. So I take a deep breath and listen. And I’m instantly overcome with a feeling that we will be ok. It will be ok. Thanks to you…. for the measures you have put in place, for the work that you are doing, and for the incredible leadership you have demonstrated. Thanks to you, I know New Yorkers will come out of this on the other side, stronger than ever.


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