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  • Cool Off At The Children’s Museum Of Manhattan This Summer

    The new Dynamic H2O exhibit will splash onto the scene May 28

    By Amanda Valentovic

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    As the hot summer months begin to roll around, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan has a fun, alternative way to cool off – the Sussman Environmental Center’s new “Dynamic H2O” exhibit. Filled with interactive displays, Dynamic H2O will teach museum-goers where New York City’s water comes from, and the role it plays in the environment. Opening on Saturday, May 28, the outdoor extension of the museum will feature 800 square feet of new activities and experiences.

    Hands-on activities for kids include a water table that allows them to follow the water cycle from its beginnings in the clouds to following the stream where they can pretend to go fishing. They can also pump water to the top of a skyscraper and assemble a 92 mile-long aqueduct. Aspiring architects will be able to build their own city on the edge of the water.

    How water affects its surroundings (and vice versa) is one of the featured themes of the exhibit. Children will be able to predict whether or not an item is able to sink or float, and explore how currents can move objects. Another fun activity will be painting with water – they’ll learn about evaporation as the paintings disappear.

    The exhibit will also feature information about different water-based careers. Visitors will be able to tackle taking on the role of a marine scientist, a sewage treatment worker, and a chemical engineer.

    Be sure to check out Dynamic H2O at CMOM when it opens on May 28! All ages are welcome, so be prepared to get wet while having a lot of fun at the same time.

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