Considering a New York City Catholic School for Your Family

Considering a New York City Catholic School for Your Family
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Considering a New York City Catholic School for Your Family

The impact of school choice

It’s hard to imagine a decision that impacts your child’s present and future more than the decision of which school they will attend. Academics, community, relationships, location, guiding principles—all of these are sure to influence your family’s school choice. While considering the overwhelming number of options, it’s important for parents to understand the benefits of a Catholic school education in New York City- Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. 

For more than 200 years, Catholic schools in New York City have provided an education that is both academically rigorous and firmly rooted in the Catholic faith. Today, thousands of students in grades pre-K through twelve are served by the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York and The Catholic Schools of Brooklyn and Queens. The Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York describe their mission as follows: “To ensure our schools are Christ-centered, academically excellent, and welcoming communities that teach students to be life-long learners and leaders energized by fidelity to Christ, the Church, and one another.” But students need not be Catholic to attend a Catholic school; children of all faiths are welcome to experience the benefits of a Catholic school education.

The success of Catholic school students

Each year, 99 percent of high school seniors from the Archdiocese of Catholic Schools will graduate, and the vast majority of these students will go on to college. When comparing scores on state tests of English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, Catholic school students outperform New York State and City public school students, as well as most charter school students. 

The Archdiocese insists that it is the Catholic approach that leads to high success rates for its students. By seeing each student as a child of God with individual needs, while simultaneously encouraging students to embrace that they are part of a larger, global community, the “stewardship of the whole person” is prioritized. In other words, students are guided to understand their talents, find meaning in their lives, build upon their strengths, and develop self-discipline and confidence. They are not only expected but prepared and encouraged to become compassionate leaders of society. The Archdiocese reminds parents that “the Catholic school experience is an unparalleled opportunity to develop a child’s mind, heart and soul.”

Religion and academics go hand-in-hand

What exactly do the religion classes and the traditional academic courses look like at Catholic schools in New York City? The Archdiocese ensures that the ideals of the Gospel support the “substance and structure” of all lessons in Catholic schools. These students proudly share their faith through daily prayer, regular mass as a school community, and participating in Christian service. 

At the same time, traditional academics at Catholic schools are grounded in the skills necessary to prepare students for success outside of school and church. These skills vary between school communities, as each group of students requires an individualized approach to reach their fullest potential. In all schools, the curricula are forward-focused and aim to make students competitive in our increasingly complex world. To do so, they incorporate technology, advanced math, hands-on science, foreign language study, and a variety of classes in the arts. 

In addition to students of all faiths being welcome to experience a Catholic school education, students of all social class backgrounds are welcome as well, as need-based scholarships are available for students and families. Students with special needs are also welcome to attend Catholic schools, and the Catholic teachings surrounding one-on-one nurturing ensure a supportive environment for students of all abilities.

What sets Catholic schools apart from the rest?

Ultimately, the values of a Catholic education work to develop a person intellectually, socially, and morally. School choice is pivotal for families, as students can sometimes spend more time with their school communities than with parents or siblings. When choosing what community will help raise their child, parents will inevitably wonder about the values of that community and how their child will soar within it. The Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York aim to provide “academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment for all [their] students, enabling them to become productive citizens for today’s society.” The unique environment offered by the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York and The Catholic Schools of Brooklyn and Queens should certainly be considered by any parent deciding what kind of education they want for their child. 

Catholic Schools Directory


Our Lady Of Trust Catholic Academy
1696 Canarsie Road, Brooklyn, NY

Pre-K3 (3-year-old program) through grade 8 instruction. Smartboard, Computers, and Internet access in every classroom. Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy provides all students with a Catholic faith-based education rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. They strive to facilitate each child’s optimum growth and development – spiritually, intellectually, and socially. Under the guidance of Our Lady of Trust, the school fosters and creates an atmosphere of warmth and caring, a place where the development of confident, self-sufficient, responsible, moral human beings may  flourish and grow. The school provides a safe, nurturing learning environment for each child. Academic principles serving children and re ecting their multicultural backgrounds.

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy
701 Eighth Ave., Brooklyn, NY
(718) 768-8000
Saint Saviour Catholic Academy educates students from PK3 to Grade 8, providing a nurturing and supportive environment where students grow academically and build a strong sense of community. Beginning in early childhood classes, teachers create a developmentally appropriate curriculum, encouraging children to explore their world through hands – on activities, centers, and play. Elementary and middle school grades offer a balanced curriculum of rigorous academics aligned with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, and a vibrant arts and music program paired with the spiritual teachings of Catholicism. Technology, Spanish, Library, and Physical Education round out the academy’s  curriculum. Additional offerings and enrichment opportunities include Regents math and science courses, a competitive Robotics team, beginner and advanced band and chorus, and CYO basketball.

St. Edmund Elementary School
Sheepshead Bay
1902 Avenue
[email protected]
Andrea D’Enic – Principal

A co-educational elementary school serving students from Nursery through 8th Grade. The school endeavors to educate the whole child: Spiritually, academically, socially, and physically, to become responsible moral citizens in today’s society. The school envisions its program as an academic center founded upon solid Christian and academic principles serving children and re ecting their multicultural backgrounds. St. Edmund Preparatory High School is located next door, and they enjoy a close, ongoing relationship. Many of their graduates go on to high school at St. Edmund Prep.

St. Francis Of Assisi Catholic Academy
Prospect Lefferts Gardens
400 Lincoln Road, Brooklyn, NY
[email protected]

St.Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy has educated children for over 100 years in the Catholic tradition of excellence and follows the NYS curriculum for the core subjects. Specials include physical education, technology, music, art, and performing arts. Students are instructed to act as peer mediators, classes include focus on con ict resolution and non-violent behavior and the school’s Peace Garden is a continual reminder of their commitment to creating a peaceful society. Students graduate equipped with strong study skills, time-management, and note-taking techniques that prepare them for High School and College. Tuition Assistance is available through programs sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and the SFACA Alumni Scholarship Program.

St Joseph The Worker Catholic Academy 
241 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY

A Catholic Elementary School serving PK3 through grade 8 in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Saint Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy (SJWCA) has a challenging academic core curriculum aligned with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. In conjunction with instilling and upholding catholic values, the students at SJWCA also take courses in Spanish, Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education in addition to the core curriculum. SJWCA is dedicated to supporting the whole child, offering a wide array of enrichment classes including, dance, robotics, Zumba, Volleyball, French, Band, and many more. The dedicated faculty creates a safe and encouraging environment that challenges bright minds to explore their interests and discover the best in themselves, their classmates, and the world.

For a full list of Brooklyn Catholic Schools, visit


Incarnation Catholic Academy
89-15 Francis Lewis Blvd., Queens Village, NY
(718) 465-5066

Incarnation Catholic Academy is a family-oriented school grounded in the Catholic faith. The school strives to academ- ically, spiritually and technologically prepare our students for higher education and to adapt to an ever-changing world. This is achieved by providing academic prepara- tion through a challenging curriculum, a caring environment, and being sensitive to the needs of a diverse society. The academy is committed to inspire the students to become moral decision- makers, effective communica- tors, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. The school’s vision is to form students who will be faithful servants, inspired motivated leaders, who will be well equipped to make a difference, in uence the world and serve others.

Sacrament Catholic Academy
34-45 202nd St., Bayside, NY
[email protected] 

OLBSCA provides an inspiring and challenging educational experience that is college and career-ready and grounded in Catholic values. OLBSCA’s academic programs provide a quality education implement- ing Diocesan and NYS Standards in an environment that challenges and encourages students to work to their full potential. Established in 1951, the Academy has students in 3K through the 8th grade from 20 Communities in Queens & Nassau Counties; it is a multi-purpose facility with an Auditorium, Gym, Cafeteria, STEM Lab, and Computer Lab; Foreign Language and Advanced courses are offered. A nurse, security guard and counselor enhance the safety of all.

Our Lady Of Fatima School
25-38 80th St., Jackson Heights

Offering a quality, innovative Catholic education for over 70 years, in grades nursery to 8. Offering Mommy and Me for 18 months to 2-year-olds with getting ready for a Nursery school program. They seek to educate the whole person: mind, heart, soul, and body to develop strategic thinkers for the 21st century. Students are engaged in their learning with 1:1 technology in the classroom from nursery through 8th grade. Outside of the classroom, students are engaged in performing arts programs, fine arts programs, intramurals, and many other activities led by the faculty. Please contact them for registration information or to request a tour and find them on Facebook at

Our Lady Of Hope Catholic Academy
61-21 71st St., Middle Village, NY
718- 458-3535

Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy’s mission and responsibility for educational and spiritual growth is a shared endeavor among students, parents, faculty and administration. The school offers art, music and foreign lan- guage classes and a variety of academic and social development clubs after school. Aside from a full academic and religious program for kindergarten through eighth grade, the school also has a nursery and prekindergarten program and affordable morning care and after-school programs to assist parents with child care. The school enrolls over 600 students and benefits from a diverse national population. Class sizes range from 18 to 30 students, and 90% of Our Lady of Hope graduates started as pre-K or kindergarten students.

Our Lady Of Mercy Catholic Academy
70-25 Kessel St, Forest Hills, NY
718- 793-2086

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy’s beautiful campus, centrally located in Forest Hills, Queens, seeks to provide children with a complete, vigorous Catholic education. Their expert faculty educates the whole child through our student-centered, interactive classroom environment, extra curricular programs, and fun social activities encompassing their students’ spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and physical development. The school day starts at 8 AM and provides a before and after school program. For more information, go to and follow us on Facebook. Please call them at 718-793-2086 to arrange a personalized tour for you and your child.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy
111-10 115 St., South Ozone Park
718- 843-4184

As one of the most outstand- ing Catholic academies – with students from pre- kindergarten through eighth grade – the faculty and staff of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy are diligent in their commitment to the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional growth of each child. The multi-sensory, Next Generation Standards curriculum and cross- curricular instruction ensure that each student’s individual needs are met. Every student is different; the faculty and staff identify and cater to various learning styles. Students consistently show outstanding performance in mathematics, language arts and science on statewide testing. All members of 2020-2021 were accepted into Catholic and specialized public high schools. In many cases, students receive scholarships. For more information, please call or visit

Saint Margaret Catholic Academy
66-10 80th St., Middle Village, NY 11379
[email protected] 

Saint Margaret Catholic Academy exists to educate and form young people in light of the Gospel. Their students are nurtured in a loving academic environment by our dedicated faculty and staff, who recognize the unique talents of each student. Their mission, therefore, is to help all students attain their full potential through an integrated academic curriculum, rooted in Gospel values and Catholic teachings. Saint Margaret Catholic Academy encourages students to achieve their full potential spiritually, morally, confidently, and academically to ensure they are prepared to meet the challenges of the world around them.

St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Academy Astoria 
21-18 46th St., Astoria, NY

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy is proud to open its doors to learn, serve, lead, and succeed in this academic year. Their goal of success for all inspires a curriculum that supports students’ strengths and helps them maximize their potential. This changing world requires students to be creative, artistic, tech-savvy, and resourceful; therefore, the academy programs are designed to educate the whole child in academia, STEM, and the arts. The faculty knows that the spiritual, emotional, and social well-being of each child in our CARE (Cooperation, Acceptance, Respect, Empathy) is essential to their growth and is re ected in every aspect of a child’s edu- cational journey at SFACA.

St. Gregory The Great Catholic Academy
244-44 87th Ave, Bellerose, NY
718- 343-5053
[email protected]

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy school is committed to educating the whole person (mind, body, and soul) through a vibrant, safe, faith-filled environment. Their student body consists of early childhood through 8th grade. They follow New York State Common Core curriculum and strive to meet or exceed all New York State Learning Standards. All students will benefit from our Art, STEAM, Music, and Foreign Language programs provided to all grades. In addition, they offer many extra curricular activities, including a Regent’s Program for the 8th grade. They also provide an extended care program (before and after-school coverage available). Discover what makes St. Gregory so great! Visit the school’s website to download a virtual tour or contact the school to register your child today!

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School
35-27 82nd St., Jackson Heights, NY 11372

In the spirit of their youthful patron, St. Joan of Arc, our mission is to educate exceptionally, serve endlessly, and dare dreams of the impossible in our welcoming Catholic school community so we manifest God in today’s world. They offer 3 and 4 Year Full Day Pre– K Program and an After School Program for all students, Dismissal to 6:30 pm, Title I Services and IEP students approved for SETTS, Speech and Occupational Therapy Traditional academic subjects plus Music, Art, Phys. Ed., Computer Science, Library and Band School Choir. SMARTBoard, and Interactive White Board Technology, IPads, wireless laptops and Technology Room. Scholarships Available through the Diocese of Brooklyn; Futures In Education; Children’s Scholarship Fund.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy
28-46 44 St., Long Island City, NY

St. Joseph Catholic Academy is committed to developing students of diverse back- grounds and faiths from nursery through 8th grade by providing a well-rounded foundation for future learning and life. In addition to religion class and religious activities, they offer a rigorous academic program, complemented by classes in music, art, library, physical education, Spanish, Mandarin, and yoga/mindfulness. Children are also exposed to co-curricular activities. All instructional areas are equipped with SMART- Board computer technology and students have access to a portable notebook lab, and a newly renovated computerized library containing twenty- five upgraded computer PCs. The new STEM lab provides hands-on instruction for all students grades K-8. They also offer the 3-K for All and Pre-K for All programs of the NYC Board of Education for 3 & 4-year-olds.

St Luke School
16-01 150th Pl., Whitestone, NY

St. Luke’s provides a Catholic atmosphere that nurtures the growth and development of the whole person: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. The faculty, in cooperation with the parents, endeavors to correlate moral and spiritual values with daily living of the faith life of the child. Daily religious instruction and prayer, with participation in liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and the regular reception of the sacraments, are an integral part of each student’s life. Students are encouraged to participate in service projects. The school offers a well-ordered curriculum of studies that include religion, English Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies, TAC (Technology Across the Curriculum), Spanish, physical education, music, library, and computer education.

St Matthias Catholic Academy
58-25 Catalpa Ave, Ridgewood, NY
718- 381-8003

St. Matthias Catholic Academy honors its 112-year commitment to serving the children of the Ridgewood/ Glendale neighborhood by providing a strong academic program to students in nursery, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades one to eight. Small classes offer high teacher-to-student ratios and our family-oriented approach helps every student thrive. Their diverse community enjoys a safe and supportive learning environment which encourages strong character, leadership, and service. A full curriculum is enriched by the many extracurricular programs available such as: band, piano, robotics, and glee club. At SMCA, every child is special!

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy
136-58 41st Ave., Flushing, NY
718-961-0246 (English & Spanish)
347-399-8500 (English & Chinese)

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy is enriched by and re ects the cultural diversity of the parishes of St. John Vianney and St. Michael’s. The total program at St. Michael’s, from preschool through grade 8,is designed to promote each student’s intellectual and spiritual growth grounded in a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. Programs offered include: STEM, Dual- Language Immersion with Mandarin, free 3K and Pre-K For All programs with addi- tional programming available for before school and after school. The Dual-Language Program achieves bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic achievement. Kindergarten through grade 8 students are offered classes in English and Mandarin. Contact the school to learn more and to enroll your child.

St Nicholas Of Tolentine Catholic Academy
80-22 Parsons Blvd. Jamaica, NY

At St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Academy, the school values and challenges all of their students in grades Nursery to 8 to the best of their abilities. The Catholic values of faith, hope and charity are the cornerstones of this school’s existence. All of their classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and we have a modern Computer Lab available. Students also use laptops in their classrooms and are encouraged to do enrichment activities both at home and in school. We also offer instruction in Computer Graphics and Robotics. The school combines challenging academics with a variety of co-curricular activities such as school assemblies, a Science Fair, Spelling and Math Bees, a Talent Show, Concerts and Poetry Contests. For more information please visit their website.

For a full list of Queens Catholic Schools, visit


Catholic Schools In The Archdiocese Of New York
New York, NY

Elementary Catholic schools across Manhattan offer a unique combination of academic and spiritual development that helps children get the best start in life. Our students consistently meet or exceed proficiency standards in Math and English state exams. Beyond an excellent education, Catholic Schools instill faith, self-discipline and a sense of community. Tuition assistance is available at most schools for grades K-8. “Catholic school teaches you how to care for others; you get an all-around education, it’s not just academics… it gives you that solid foundation.” — Catholic School Parent. apply online now.

Cardinal Spellman High School
1 Cardinal Spellman Place, Bronx ny
[email protected] 

Cardinal Spellman High School, a co- educational college preparatory school, was founded by the archdiocese in 1959. Cardinal Spellman offers College Credit, advanced Placement, regents, Honors, and Elective Courses. Located on a 13-acre campus equipped with two all-weather athletic  fields and track,a  fitness room, a weight room, and an auditorium that has stage facilities and seating capacity comparable to professional theaters in nyC! Spellman prides itself on small school friendliness with big school opportunities! The Class of 2021 earned over $48 million in college scholarships. If you missed the TaCHs Exam, register for Spellman’s admissions Exam! More information is available at

Our Lady Of Lourdes Elementary School
468 West 143rd St., New York, NY

Where faith and knowledge meet: Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School offers a rigorous ELA/Math curriculum and foundation in faith to develop well- rounded individuals who will achieve success in high school and beyond. They offer an exceptional enrichment program: individualized instruction in faith and religion, and in the arts, dance, language, music, science/STEM, and athletics. They embrace students of varied abilities with diverse ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds. This decade marks a new era in academic expectations at the school, offering advanced rigor in their ELA/Math curriculum with a foundation in faith, to develop well-rounded individuals.



Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York
New York, NY 

Elementary Catholic schools across the Bronx offer a unique combination of academic and spiritual development that helps children get the best start in life. Our students consistently meet or exceed proficiency standards in Math and English state exams. Beyond an excellent education, Catholic Schools instill faith, self-discipline and a sense of community. Tuition assistance is available at most schools for grades K-8.Apply online now.

Cardinal Spellman High School
1 Cardinal Spellman Place, Bronx NY
[email protected]

Cardinal Spellman High School, a co-educational college preparatory school, was founded by the archdiocese in 1959. Cardinal Spellman offers College Credit, Advanced Placement, Regents, Honors, and Elective Courses. Located on a 13-acre campus equipped with two all-weather athletic fields and track, a fitness room, a weight room, and an auditorium that has stage facilities and seating capacity comparable to professional theaters in NYC! The Class of 2021 earned over $48 million in college scholarships. If you missed the TACHs Exam, register for Spellman’s Admissions Exam! More information is available at

John Cardinal O’Connor School
16 North Broadway | Irvington, NY 10533

JCOS, a Catholic school located in Irvington, NY, is dedicated to providing the benefits of a faith-based education to children who learn differently. Children of all faiths are welcome. JCOS is dedicated to providing an affordable learning experience backed by a skilled teaching staff. Their commitment to well-rounded schooling for students with learning differences has made their private Catholic school one of the foremost in Westchester County. JCOS looks forward to the opportunity to help your child acquire important life skills during these critical years. Please feel free to contact the school with your questions and concerns.

Preston High School
2780 Schurz Ave., Bronx, NY

A school with a longstanding tradition of academic excellence and commitment to empowering young women. The co-curricular program includes honor societies, service clubs,choirs, and special interest groups. Those interested in growing artistically have many options, including the school musical produced by the Preston Players. The Athletic Department sponsors varsity and junior varsity teams including soccer, basketball, softball, cheerleading and volleyball. Their goal is to help students become women of dignity, honor, respect and compassion.

St. Anselm School
656 Tinton Ave. Bronx, NY

Founded in 1908, St. Anselm School continues to proudly serve in the same tradition of faith and academic excellence that has marked its success for more than a century. The school’s staff, faculty and administration aspire to create a safe and nurturing learning environment, teach integrity and values in the Catholic tradition, and foster self-confidence and school spirit. Students are taught to not only develop a mastery of academic skills but also an enthusiastic and wholesome attitude toward learning. Applications for admission to Kindergarten through Grade 8, as well as their FREE Universal PreK For All, are being accepted. Contact the school office for more information.

St. Brendan’s School
268 207th St. Bronx, NY

Serving grades pre-K through 8th, this school strives to educate the spirit and develop the intellect. Set in an environment that emphasizes Christian values and creates an atmosphere fostering responsibility and courtesy. Your child will receive a strong academic education in structured surroundings. Self-discipline, responsibility, and self-motivation are among the benefits of the school’s program. St. Brendan’s offers an exemplary academic curriculum supplemented with visual arts instruction, weekly music lessons, physical education, and technology classes. An early drop-off breakfast program and aftercare services until 6:00 are offered. Scholarships are available.

St. Theresa School
2872 St. Theresa Ave., Bronx

The program reflects an integrated learning experience for Pre- Kindergarten three year olds, Universal Pre-Kindergarten four year olds, kindergarteners and students in grades one through eight. Teachers, administrators, aides and other professionals impart their knowledge and extensive experience with enthusiasm and a truly caring respect for the children in their charge. The school provides before and after school programs, breakfast and lunch programs, choir, art, music, Italian language studies, computer classes, physical education and an accelerated mathematics program. St. Theresa’s offers children a place to blossom with discipline and guidance.

St. Helena Elementary School
2050 Benedict Ave.

A culturally diverse Middle School Accredited Catholic school that educates children from full-day pre-K to 8th grade in the Park Chester/ Castle Hill section of the Bronx. The school motto is “It’s Fun to be Good!” Students in grades 1 through 8 have a schedule from 8 a.m to 2:35 p.m. daily. Students enjoy two periods of gym, computers, and library each week in state-of-the-art facilities. Extracurricular activities include boys’ and girls’ basketball, track, bowling, volleyball, Cub Scouts, and summer camp.The graduates have earned over $300,000 in college scholarships.

St. Raymond Elementary
2380 E. Tremont Avenue, Bronx NY

This school offers a full-day academic program for PreK3 through Grade 8 in a safe, nurturing, and academically motivating environment and a broad array of extracurricular activities. Their offerings include Catholic faith formation; advanced-level math and sciences; Italian; honors and enrichment programs; academic intervention and remedial programs; a full-time art teacher and strong music program, SMART boards in all classrooms; primary and middle-grade libraries; two science labs; two computer labs; a full sports program and fitness center; before and after school programs. Moderate tuition and financial assistance for those who qualify.

St. Raymond Academy for Girls
1725 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx

A small Catholic high school for young women in an urban setting, this school inspires their students to reach their God-given potential in a safe, supportive, and diverse environment. Through a state-approved curriculum and extracurricular activities, they encourage their students to seek and value truth. By empowering them with an education that promotes a commitment to excellence, self-discipline, and strong Christian values, they challenge their students to become successful and accountable in a dynamic UPK3 to 8th Grade After-School until 6PM Music, Art, Chess, Peer Tutoring, Dance Team, Coding, Engineering and Robotics society. To learn more contact the admissions office at 718-824-4220 ext 1052.

The Montfort Academy
125 E. Birch Street, Mount Vernon, NY

The Montfort Academy is a small, private, co-educational classical Catholic high school that offers a timeless, foundational, inspirational, and transformational education. Students study Philosophy, Theology, Latin, Greek, Logic & Rhetoric,and the Great Books to help them think clearly, write well and speak con dently. While it is classical in foundation, it is forward- thinking in application, with classes like Astronomy and Astrophysics and Economics and Foreign Policy. This is the #1 diverse school in Westchester County as well as surprisingly affordable!

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