Children’s Theater Review: “Pinkalicious The Musical”

Is it weird that I probably enjoyed seeing “Pinkalicious The Musical” by the Vital Theatre Company more than my three-year-old daughter? She did like it; I mean, it was about cupcakes and the color pink — what’s not to like? But I honestly found myself laughing at times. Maybe in an ironic way, maybe slightly out of embarrassment for the actors, but I really did giggle. One might even say I guffawed when Pinkalicious’s bearish father fainted on stage. His eyes bulge and he just keels over—physical comedy gold! I was equally amused when the family hops on their four-person bicycle to go to the doctor, only to peel off in all different directions on their way home. Um, how did th — ah, nevermind.

There were a couple of strange moments, though. In once scene, Pinkalicious goes to the doctor and is informed that she has “Pinkititis” (a disease I uncomfortably mis-pronounced at the library when first reading the Pinkalicious book to Trixie). Anyhow, Pink gets diagnosed, and the feisty blonde doctor launches into a catchy tune about the importance of eating green vegetables — great, until she grabs a top hat and a cane, rips her doctors coat off to reveal a glittery shirt, and goes into a burlesque-lite reprise. In another scene, Pinkalicious precariously piles chairs and books on top of the kitchen table in order to climb high enough to reach the cupcakes hidden above the fridge. Looking around at the audience, I was not the only parent hoping this scene didn’t spark any climbing ideas for our kids when they got home.

All in all, the songs are fun and clever, and I have to say, once again I was blown away by the sidekick (as I was at our last musical outing, “Fancy Nancy”). This time, it’s Pinkalicious’s pesky little brother, Pete, a sweet kid who just wants to be like his big sis. “I Got The Pink Blues” is a soulful song that little bro’ sings (quite well) upon being chastised by his father for liking pink. “You shouldn’t like pink!” Dad rants. “Something … bad might happen!” At this point, my sister (attending the show with us) and I gave each other a quizzical look–Is there a deeper message, here? Is the father homophobic? Kind of a controversial issue for a fun loving, cupcake-addled family romp. But, alas, my sister and I were reading too much into it. Turns out, *SPOILER ALERT!* the father had Pinkititis as a child, too, and he was just trying to save his son the humiliation. Turns out, liking pink cupcakes may be bad for your health but, hey, it’s OKAY! Everything in moderation.

Even cupcakes.

Even pink.

And even kids’ musicals.

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