Perlman Camp

Perlman’s intentional approach to child care, programming, and Jewish life ensures that your child will have the best summer camp experience. Perlman’s veteran staff work intimately with parents and campers to meet the unique needs of your child. When your child attends Perlman Camp, your entire family becomes part of our community.

At Perlman Camp, your child will learn, explore, and challenge themselves through world-class, choice-based programming. Our exceptional counselors and supervisors are there for support and encouragement every step of the way. The lessons your child brings home from camp will last a lifetime, building strengths that set them up for success later in life.

For more information:
Phone: (301) 231-5300

ACA accredited
Sleepaway Camp
Coed Camp
Age: 7 - 17
Perlman Camp
661 Rose Hill Road
Lake Como, PA 18437