Nobel Explorers

Nobel Explorers is an online camp that helps students from all over the world explore and acquire skills for future careers through a true team-based experience.
It is designed for middle- and high-school students who:
– Aim to do more in school and life
– Enjoy working on challenging tasks
– Want to spend a part of their summer socializing, learning, and improving
Through Project-Based Learning (PBL), students work on solving complex and engaging challenges & produce results that matter.
Each project is facilitated LIVE by an Instructor and a Coach to:
– Optimize the learning process
– Ensure effective communication
– Help students develop self-awareness and better teamwork skills

For more information:
Phone: (888) 526-2241

No ACA accredited
Day Camp in the City
Coed Camp
Age: 10 - 17
Nobel Explorers