Mischievous Goddess Summer Camp

Imagination, creativity and beauty are core principles of the most inspiring creations on earth. At Mischievous Goddess we nurture children’s imagination & spiritual connection by awakening these truths with a positive & organic approach.

Our aim is that little girls learn to understand and embrace the immense power & value of the feminine from very early on, establishing their worth & giving them a foundation of confidence & inner strength.

Delicately woven in spiritual wisdom and ancient philosophies from all over the world, while embracing the wonder and delight of childhood, Goddess Summer Camp provides an inspiring and joyful experience that your dearest daughter will cherish!

For more information:
Phone: (646) 309-5540

ACA accredited
Day Camp in the City
Girls Camp
Age: 4 - 7
Mischievous Goddess Summer Camp
595 MacDonough Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233