The Best Snow Sleds for Winter 2021

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Best Snow Sleds for Winter 2021

Some things are just a perfect match. Like milk and cookies, unicorns and rainbows, and of course, snow and sleds! We are here to help you get the best sled for kids of all ages, so your family is ready for that next big snow day! Sledding is sure to be extra fun with any one of these fab six sleds for your adventure down any mountain or hill for the perfect winter thrill! To get an affordable sled as soon as possible try in-person picks ups at Target and Dicks Sports Goods where you can find affordable sleds to enjoy some snow fun from our first snowstorm of 2021!

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GoFloats Winter Snow Tubes are the ultimate sleds, and the fun designs are sure to turn heads as you sled down the hills. Kids will love the adorable animal designs like flamingos, dragons, and unicorns decked out in their winter sledding gear. It is perfect for sledding down snowy hills in style. Parents will love that it is cold weather treated to it both fun and functional and that the unique GoFloats valve inflates in seconds, so you’re ready for the snow in no time. $29.99


Lucky Bum Torpedo Sleds are fun for kids of all ages, lightweight, and virtually indestructible for the best snow day adventures. Kids will love that the sleds come in red, green, or blue and that it works. Super-slick plastic and grooved channels create a fast ride and excellent carving as the grooves bite into the snow. Parents will love that it is strong and durable, has built-in handles for kids to grip, and is made in the USA with BPA and Phthalate free construction. $30

Slippery Racer Downhill Pro Saucer Disc Sled is fun for everyone and built strong for a sled ride down any snowy terrain. Kids will love the cozy disc design in red, green, or blue. Parents will love that it is coated with Slippery Racer’s exclusive IceVex cold-resistant treatment, has molded hand grips, and is made with heavy-duty, flexible slick-coated plastic. $27.99, buy a 3 pack on Amazon.

GeoSpace LED Ski Skooter is sure to have that extra wow factor! Kids will love its 3-mode LED light to guide them as they go “snowboarding” on the snow, riding like a scooter on snow. They will also love fun colors like green, blue, purple, or red. Parents will love that the adjustable-height handle helps maintain balance and assists with steering, and it folds up (the handle folds down) for convenient storage. It is sure to be “snow” much fun! $49.95

Flexible Flyer sleds are traditional sleds for little tykes, featuring a padded seat and a tow rope. Kids will love being cozy in the molded seat while on their snow day adventures, and parents will love the rope for pulling their little loved ones back uphill. $14.99

Promises Fulfilled sleds that are beautifully decorated and designed with free personalization. Kids will love that the sled is customized with their very own name! Parents will love that the sled features a foam seat pad, tow rope and is good until 4 years old. They offer free personalization on all items. Call 212-472-1600 to order and arrange delivery or pickup. $38