Best Sites For An Inside-Look At NYC School News

NYC-Private-SchoolsNew York Family knows that one big topic that’s important to NYC families is that of ensuring that their child is receiving the best possible education. New York City offers many great options for public, charter, private, and parochial schools–and we have compiled a list of great resources that will help families find the school that is the right fit for them, plus keep them up-to-date on education news and happenings.

Best Informational Sites That Focus On NYC Public Schools This site provides reasonable reviews about NYC’s public schools. Founded by Clara Hemphill,’s mission is to “help you find a good public school for your child” The site provides information on public elementary, middle and high schools, as well as special education programs and options for after-school care. It also features a section on “Free Programs” to which students can apply and attend throughout the city in order to expand their academic horizons. Founded by Elizabeth Greene, dedicated journalist and author on childhood education, strongly believes that teacher education is the main issue of today’s schools and that it can be improved. This site covers educational change in NYC charter and public schools and maintains a focus on communities to which improvement matters the most. The site is composed of quick, up-to-date news, school announcements and general education issues.

New York City Department of Education: The NYC Department of Education is a great go-to site for the official announcements and resources of all of NYC’s public schools. Their website provides thorough information on education topics such as admissions, deadlines, special education and test scores, as well as special programs that specific schools have to offer. It also provides information on a range of upcoming events, such as high school information sessions and open houses.

NYC Public School Parents: This blog is edited by Leonie Haimson, a NYC public school parent and the Executive Director of The blog is written through the voices of NYC’s public school parents, and each post focuses on news and opinions that are relevant to the families of students enrolled or looking to enroll in NYC’s public school system. NYC has 197 charter schools and a current enrollment of 83,200 students in such schools. makes it easy for families to gain access to the most recent and relevant news and information on each of these specific charter schools. The site is dedicated to “helping new charter schools get started, support existing schools, and build a community so that highly effective schools can flourish.” It features a plethora of information to help parents understand the benefits of sending their children to a charter school and explains the application process. It includes charter school news and upcoming events for both current and prospective charter students.

Best Informational Sites That Focus On NYC Private Schools

Parents League: This site strives to “separate rumors from reality” by offering unbiased reviews on all 300 independent schools with which it is affiliated. These schools include preschools, K-12 day schools and boarding schools all around New York City. In addition to providing clear-cut information on private nursery, elementary, middle and high schools, including boarding schools, this site also features a school advisory service to help families through the application and decision process.

Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY):  ISAAGNY is comprised of over 140 Ongoing and Early Childhood independent schools in NYC, Westchester, and NJ. It provides information on local private schools and sets up admissions standards for such schools. It is a helpful source for families considering independent schools, as it offers information on how to choose and afford an independent school. It makes the decision process easier by including a searchable directory of independent schools, as well as a map of these schools.

NYC Private School Blog: This education-based blog provides interviews and real accounts of what different private schools throughout New York are really like. The blog offers feasible access to school listings and admissions information, as well as a peek into the activities and opportunities that students would have access to while attending different schools. The blog encompasses and covers all aspects of over 800 private, independent, and religious schools in all five boroughs of New York City.

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of NY: This organization strives to build bold futures with a Catholic education. Its mission is to “ensure our schools are Christ-centered, academically excellent and welcoming communities that teach students to be life-long learners and leaders energized by fidelity to Christ, the Church, and one another.” The site offers information on 218 private Catholic schools from Pre-K-12, which includes information on special programs that schools may offer, scholarship opportunities, and school news.