The Best Art Classes Offered for Kids in NYC

Art Classes Offered for Kids in NYC

Even with the winter season trudging on, it shouldn’t stop us and our kids from doing fun activities! A great experience for kids is art classes. They can explore their creativity and imagination through these classes and maybe even find a new passion! Whether your kids are just starting or have expressed interest, these classes are bound to be enjoyable for every kid. Even if they’re just doing it for fun, you’re going to need our list of Art Classes Offered for Kids in NYC!

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For Art’s Sake– Upper West Side

48 W 77th St #1A, New York, NY 10024

Our days can get busy, especially when we’re working and have a thousand different responsibilities. For Art’s Sake keeps this in mind when they offer their classes. They have after-school classes for kids where they get to watch demonstrations and learn about the history of art before they start on their own projects that differentiate between drawing, painting, and sculpting. They also have an option for children who are looking to expand their gifts and create a portfolio. This art studio even offers classes to create artistic jewelry that welcomes adults to join in on the fun with their kids!

The Art Studio NY Manhattan Valley
145 W 96th St, New York, NY 10025

Sign your kid up for one of Art Studio NY’s classes this winter and upcoming Spring! Their online classes are amazing, giving kids background and fun facts on the history of art as well as introducing famous artists from around the world!  They provide a lot of after-school like a Beginner’s Manga and Anime drawing class, creative painting, drawing, and self-expression class and many more subjects! This art studio provides classes for different age groups so that your kids can meet new people and form connections with other students who might have similar interests!

Kids At Art- Upper East Side
1412 2nd Ave New York, NY 10021

If your child has expressed interest in drawing, painting, or art in general, you should look into Kids At Art! They offer Winter/Spring Art classes for children 2 years old and older. In consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic, this art studio also offers online classes for whoever finds it to be a more comfortable option. They also include 3-hour Holiday Workshops for any interested kid. If you’re wondering if Kids At Art would be a good fit for your child, check out the website’s virtual tour and get more information on the space!

Claire’s Creative Adventures– Upper East Side
1157 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10075

Explore all kinds of art at Claire’s Creative Adventures! You can register this Winter/Spring season with different options and prices for the semester. She also hosts Virtual Adventures, making her studio accessible for every child and every circumstance. Children even receive their own Art Kit prior to the first day of class so that they are prepared for their semester of online fun. Take a peek at the studio’s Museum Adventures where they give children the opportunity to tour museums and see all types of different art!

Arts in Action VAP- Manhattan Valley
711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Whether your child has been drawing since they could hold a pencil or never had the opportunity to experience the arts, this studio is for everyone! They have in-person classes every day for different age groups. They hold remote classes on Wednesdays. Angela Tripi-Weiss, the founder of Arts in Action VAP, is a three-time NYC-wide Blackboard-winning teacher and curriculum/program developer. So you know you’re leaving your kids in good hands when you drop them off for class!

Creatively Wild Art Studio– Dumbo
98 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Kids are able to express themselves freely through creativity and imagination with these art classes! This art studio provides Winter and Spring classes for kids and toddlers. They even give options for online classes, private lessons and camps. For local and select schools, they do after-school pickups to make it easier for parents who are working busy jobs. Check out their website to see what kinds of classes they offer like Learn How to Draw, How to Paint Animals and Nature, Mixed Media Fun and more!

Barking Cat Studio- Windsor Terrace
219 Greenwood Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Put your kid in this friendly atmosphere and watch their progression throughout the course of their classes! This is an encouraging environment for all new artists where they’ll get to explore their creativity and imagination and once they’ve advanced, they’ll be able to discover new types of materials and mediums. Check their website to register for classes and see which option works best for you and your little one, whether that’s After School Workshops, Mid-Day Studio Time for Homeschoolers and more!

Art Strong NYC– Hunters Point
4367 11th St, Queens, NY 11101

Kids ages 2 to 16 can practice all things art at Art Strong NYC! From painting classes to sculpture making, there is a class for everyone who loves to spend time creating. Art Strong also offers classes for kids with special needs, as well as family classes so everyone can join in on the fun.

Music, Dance & Art School of Douglaston– Douglaston
44-33 Douglaston Pkwy, Queens, NY 11363

At the Music, Dance & Art School of Douglaston, there are tons of programs offered that will teach your kids new skills when it comes to creating art. For kids 3-5, their classes teach them shapes and colors through a variety of different projects. The school also has classes for kids 5 and up where they will be taught more painting techniques, as well as concepts of perspective, three-dimensional object image and composition. 

The Tiny Artist Children’s Art Studio- Long Island
129 New York Ave, Massapequa, NY 11758

If you’re on Long Island and looking for a great art studio for your child to explore their creativity, The Tiny Artist is perfect! They provide a fun and creative atmosphere for everyone and the owner makes sure to use kid-friendly methods of teaching until they can be guided into more difficult projects. This art studio holds Fall and Spring classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Make sure to pre-register for classes on the website!

Canvas and Crayon- Staten Island
35 Seneca Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301

Canvas and Crayon is an art studio for anyone of any age and level! They have classes for toddlers, Pre-K, lower and upper elementary, pre-teens and teens and even adults. The classes evolve as children get older and they’re able to explore more mature styles of art. Check out their website to register for classes!

SMB Studio Arts, Inc.– Staten Island
3777 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10312

This is another great art studio on Staten Island that gives children a space to express themselves! Make sure to reserve a place in their Spring classes before it books up. They follow all Covid-19 guidelines to ensure safety and comfort with all students and their prices vary depending on the different classes. They have an At the Zoo class, Architecture and Design class and more. Your child will find their place in whatever class they’re interested in pursuing!