Ali Fedotowsky Opens Up About Her Postpartum Journey

Ali Fedotowsky with family in bed

Ali Fedotowsky is a beloved TV personality who’s appeared on “TODAY,” “Rachel Ray,” “GMA,” and E!’s “Fashion Police,” to name a few. She is also known to audiences around the country as the Season 6 Bachelorette and was on season 14 of “The Bachelor.” Now as a mother-of-two, Fedotowsky devotes most of her time (when she’s not loving on her sweet little ones) to her fashion blog, Ali Luvs, where she highlights her passion for budget-friendly fashion while also creating an outlet for mothers everywhere. While a lot of her readers and fans stop by her page for her stylish looks, it’s Fedotowsky’s down-to-earth demeanor and realness that keep them coming back.

Fedotowsky often posts cute and affordable outfits she’s wearing, and having given birth to her second child in May, as the fashion blogger she is, she chooses outfits that are flattering to her changing body. “People kept saying to me in the comments, ‘Oh my gosh, how did you do it, how did you lose all the baby weight?’ and I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I didn’t lose all the baby weight. My stomach is not even close to what it looked like before,’” she says. After realizing she wasn’t showing her true self to her fans and readers, she decided to make a change.

In an Instagram post that received thousands of likes and a swarm of comments, Fedotowsky opens up about her postpartum body.

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This might be my most vulnerable post on Instagram ever. I’ve gone back-and-forth 1 million times in my head on whether not I wanted to post it. But at the end of the day, I know it’s important to be open and honest about my postpartum body in hopes that it helps even one person out there who is struggling with their own body image. If you swipe to see the second photo in this post, you see that my body has changed. My skin around my stomach is very loose and stretched out, I’m 15lbs heavier than I used to be, and my cup size has grown quite significantly. @Lillyandlimeswimwear (a swimsuit line that celebrates the curves of D Cup and up women, founded by two “busty moms” ) has helped give me the confidence to get into a swimsuit and share my new body with all of you – a body that’s beautiful, strong, and loved. Head on over to my blog today as I share more photos and open up about how I’ve struggled with, but am learning to love my postpartum body. Hope to connect with all of you over on ALILUVS.com #linkinbio #AliLuvs #BodyImage #SelfLove #LoveYourself #postpartum #Postpartumbody #MomOfTwo #MotherOfTwo #LillyAndLime #Sponsored #Dcupandup

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“I honestly didn’t have any idea the kind of impact it was going to have on women. I was left in tears reading comments and it ended up being such a powerful experience for me because it made me realize just how many women out there are beating themselves up after having kids when we should be praising ourselves for having kids and what our bodies can do,” Fedotowsky explains.

That post opened her eyes: She realized that the world needs to see real women on social media, now more than ever. “When I say real women, I mean a variety of women. We see the same type of woman. Is a woman who is a size 16 or 15 a real woman? Yes. Is a woman who is a size 2 a real woman? Yes,” she says, adding: “I just feel that we need to see a more variety of women so that we don’t feel so alone.”

This desire for representation is one of the main reasons Fedotowsky partnered up with Philips Avent in creating her Mamalogues series. In this video series, she covers parenting stories, building bonds with your baby, and remaining confident as a parent. Her overall goal was to encourage other parents out there to share their own stories and for moms to know they aren’t alone in this crazy journey.

In addition to inspiring other women on their mothering path, Fedotowsky wanted to bring these special people together in one place. And that’s what she does through Ali Luvs. “It’s a way for moms to come together and for us all to share our advice. So, what I’ll do is I’ll post a question like, ‘Riley is not sleeping right now, can you help me, what works for you?’ And moms from all over the world can comment and give each other advice and take my advice and it has really become like a community,” she says.

Fedotowsky even relies on her community for fashion advice! “I need people’s opinions because I can’t decide on my own and then I end up bugging my husband,” she says laughingly. “But I truly am blown away by it [the community] every day and just feel so lucky that Ali Luvs has blossomed into what it has.”

Ali Fedotowsky is so much more than a fashion blogger, mom, and previous Bachelorette; she is real, raw, and delivers smiles and inspiration to all of her followers and readers. And most importantly, she’s leading a movement for moms to accept their beautiful postpartum bodies for what they are.

To learn more about Ali Fedotowsky, visit aliluvs.com!