• A Post-Baby Party

    Did I Take On Too Much By Hosting A Dinner With My Infant In Tow?

    By Alex Richards


    We recently held our first post-baby dinner party. Word of advice: don’t do it! Spare your sanity! Although it was great to see old friends, having our house filled with bodies and voices was overwhelming. Our two-month-old was good for a while, but became fussier and fussier as the night progressed. Everyone loves her, but this particular group of friends were the ones who basically wrote me off when I got pregnant. “Oh, Alex is having a baby. She’ll never be the same again.”  Just because I’m having a baby doesn’t mean I can’t stay the same funny, cool girl I used to be! So I tried to prove it, and like many things I’ve tackled since entering mommy-hood, hosting a dinner party for nine people was an uphill battle. As soon as the doorbell rang, my daughter’s eyes bulged in alarm. I could almost see the thought bubble pop up above her bald head, saying “Panic! Panic! These people are enemies–they want your milk! Scare them off with sobs and shrieks!” I’ve tried reassuring her that my boobs won’t vanish like Cinderella’s slippers at midnight, but she never listens. So, while my hip, fun friends drank fine wines and carried on adult conversations, I slunk off to the bedroom every hour to feed my fat-cheeked little monster.

    There was a silver lining, if you choose to see it that way: My daughter was so overstimulated that she slept through the night and napped most of the next day! On second thought, maybe I should have another dinner party…


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