9 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Kids!

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Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Kids!

As a parent, going clothes shopping for your child can be a stressful–not to mention time-consuming– process. Clothing subscription boxes allow you to shop from your own home with a selection of styles carefully curated for your child.

Moreover, sometimes it can feel like your kid is growing too fast to keep up with buying so many new clothing items, and a select few subscription boxes allow you to trade in lightly used items, a more affordable and green way to keep up with your kids growing body and changing style. The best part is that style boxes are commitment-free, send back what you don’t like and keep what you do!

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Rockets of Awesome
Sizes 2-14
$20 fixed styling fee (can be used as credit)

Bold and colorful graphics, kid-approved outerwear and statement pieces! Rockets of Awesome has Whoa-worthy styles to keep your kid looking cool and feeling comfortable. A unique feature of Rockets of Awesome is the ability to sneak peek and approve the items before each box ships to you. In addition, you no longer have to worry about what to do with kids’ outgrown clothes. You can get credits for sending Rockets of Awesome your kids’ used clothing, saving time, energy, and money. Rockets of Awesome will up-cycle your used clothing to bring new life to the items and help reduce waste!


Stitch Fix-Kids
Sizes 2T to 18
$20 fixed styling fee (can be used as credit)

Stitch Fix hand selects 8-12 pieces for your kid in accordance with your budget. The pieces start at just $10 each and all of the clothing can be returned after a try-on period in which your kid gets to decide how they like the fit, functionality, and style. This clothing subscription company has a $20 fixed styling fee for every fix and at check out, it becomes a credit for any items your child wants to keep. Styles become more suited to your kids’ unique style as the stylists get to know what they like and dislike.

Toddlers, Youths, and Teens
$98 for the average box (includes 30% discount)

Take a 3-minute quiz to get started on a fun shopping journey. With this quiz, you can choose the frequency in which boxes will show up at your door: every 4, 6, or 12 weeks. When you receive the box, 7 high-quality items will be inside for just $14 each with a 30% off keep all discount. You can pay for what you love and send back what you don’t with their no hassle-free returns. Right now KidPik is offering a deal where you can get your first box 50% off while supplies last!

Baby Growing Green box
0-18 months Old

Perfect for the environmentally conscious parent when shopping for their rapidly growing baby, you can get a selection of 4-5 organic eco-friendly baby clothes in this green box. It is a bi-monthly subscription service where you get a box once every 2 months based upon your selection of modern and classic styles, as well as have it geared towards a girl, boy, or gender-neutral style.

Insolito Kids
$20 service fee 

For your fashionista child, this Italian curated kids’ clothing box of items takes inspiration straight from the fashion and design capitals of Milan, Rome, and Firenze. From streetwear to romantic and traditional clothing to trendy fashion-conscious clothing, Insolito offers all different types of inspirations and designs. The box allows you to take five full days to see how you like the trendy clothes and you only keep what you love.

Newborn to 16
Starts at $78

Great for getting all of the back-to-school shopping done without leaving the house, check out KidBox! You can choose between the KidBox Mini, Classic, and Deluxe which comes with 6 items, 8 items, and 10 items respectively. Along with your box, you can order back-to-school essentials such as face masks, backpacks and hats. KidBox was built to give back to the community and has donated to over 1 million children in need.

All Ages
Starts at $24.99

What better way to save money than to exchange clothes that your child has already outgrown for a new set of relovable items. Relovable is a community of parents who give and receive gently worn kids’ clothes, books, and toys. It is a great way to save money on a child that is growing too fast to fit into clothes even just recently bought and a great way to save the environment from waste and overconsumption.

Baby Subscription

Included in this clothing subscription box are 3 hand-selected baby outfits from boutique brands located around the world. All of the outfits are exclusively made out of cotton or organic cotton and are well constructed. The outfits are adorable and will keep your baby looking stylish whether they are outside, playing, or taking a nap. The boxes ship on the 15th of every month.

Wee Blessing
All ages
$8 Shipping Fee

This is a unique clothing subscription box that can style the entire family. By answering a few questions about personal style and what makes your family unique, you will receive a box filled with 3-4 outfits from top name brands personally tailored to your style profile. You can try out your clothing for a full 10 days before you keep what you love and send back everything else.