April 19, 2012

Updated Fairy Tales

Moey’s Music Party Revs Up For The Princess Ball

By Kat Harrison

On the almost-eve of her big princess bash at the New York Junior League (plus
a few free concerts!), the fairy tale-lovin’ rocker Moey, dishes about her new CD,
girl power and sparkles. —

So we can’t help but notice that you have a thing for fairy tales (especially

My interest in updating
fairy tales began reading bedtime stories to my son when he was little. It
bothered me that Little Red Riding Hood was rescued by the Woodsman—it feels so
random that he happened to traipse through the woods at just the right minute
to rescue Little Red and Granny.

How did the interest inspire your new album, Princess Revolution?
I want girls to know that they are powerful and can rescue themselves! My CD/DVD, Happily Ever Moey, A Fairy Tale Lark in
Central Park,
appeals equally to boys and girls because it gives 15 classic
fairy tales new kid-power endings (I rewrote the ending [to] Little Red Riding
Hood [that] gives the wolf a karate chop and he runs away!). But I realized it
was really the Princess stories that excited me the most. Though I am the mom
of a son, I see a part of myself in every little girl in the audience and I
want to fill those girls full of confidence and strength and joy. Princess Revolution is a call to action
for all girls to celebrate their love of pink and bling, while knowing they are
beautiful for who they are on the inside. I don’t want girls to idolize
princesses for being dainty helpless maidens—I want them to see themselves as
“sparkle-tacular” helpful heroines!

What’s your favorite
song off the release? (I know—it’s hard choosing one!)

I am so proud of all of
these songs because they embrace important subjects like body image, expressing
feelings, keeping your promises, sharing and of course the unbridled joy of jumping
on a bed. I like “Go Away Monster” because it reminds girls that they
can metaphorically slay their own dragons, and tell bullies and monsters that
“You don’t bother me!”  And of course I love “Give Yourself
a Kiss” because I want Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to stop being
helpless maidens and wake themselves up with their magical kiss.

We heard about National Princess Week,
how are you celebrating?

We are rolling out the
pink carpet to celebrate the release of our new CD. Our concert tour is
sponsored by Oriental Trading Company and includes Moey’s Princess Ball at 11am & 3pm on Monday, April 23 at the New York Junior League Ballroom and three
free princess concerts at Mary Arnold Toy Store on Saturday, April 21 at 11am and J & R Jr. on Sunday, April 22 at 11am and The Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, April
28 at 4pm. Girls are encouraged to dress up in their sparkly
finest –and the best dressed at the concerts wins a Moey-pink feather boa. The
best dressed at the ball wins a delux princess outfit from Lester’s!

Your upcoming Princess Ball at the New York Junior League sounds like a real glittery gala.
What can attendees expect?

It will indeed be
“Tiara-riffic!” Children will feel
like Cinderella as they waltz in the grand ballroom of the former home of famed
New York socialite, Mrs.
Vincent Astor. Kids of all ages will make their grand entrance as Bitten
By A Zebra Photography
makes them feel like stars. Entertainment includes The
Ballooniac, Wendy the Pipe Cleaner Lady, Face Art By Melissa, The Craft
Studio, and of course, a Princess Rock Star concert by Moey’s Music Party. The
New York Junior League will be
transformed into a Princess wonderland thanks to SetToCelebrate.com. It’s
90 minutes of fun for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and lower schoolers. And
a great place to wear your dress up outfits and feel like a real princess!

What do you think makes a great princess
costume? Any hints as to what pink attire you’ll be rockin’?

I just bought my ball gown
today! It is an utter princess fantasy dress: Moey pink with ruffles, flowers, rhinestones,
crinolines and chiffon! I asked my sister when I’ll ever get to wear it again
and she said “You’ll just have to win a Grammy!”

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