• That’s A Wrap

    A Foolproof Guide To Gift-Giving For Every Age

    Running from one birthday party to the next? We chatted
    with toy aficionados who sell, study and test playthings (for a living!) about their
    top gift picks. From tots to tweens, we’ve got you covered.


    THE NEW TOY RECOMMENDS Silly Stripes Gift Set by Gund Baby

    Give tiny ones a sense of
    security! The machine-washable plush set (oh-so huggable) includes a teether, a wrist or ankle
    rattle and a super soft blankie. Choose from a frog, monkey or duck.

    $29.99, thenewtoy.com

    TOYS “R”US
    RECOMMENDS Activity Spiral Stroller Toy
    – Made With Love by Mamas & Papas

    A must-have accessory, with dangling toys, to keep little ones grinning—easily
    attaches to strollers, infant carriers and cribs. Additional features such as rattles or squeakers will provide a fun twist to
    traveling and time at home.

    $24.99, toysrus.com

    Ages 3

    NEWS RECOMMENDS Citiblocs 100-pc Set

    Encourage a little eco-fun with
    these high quality wooden blocks, cut from certified renewable forests in New Zealand, which will inspire
    both traditional and modern design. No glue, snaps, connectors or magnets

    $23.98, 212-831-8010

    RECOMMENDS Trunki Stickers by Melissa
    and Doug

    Have kids pack (and ride on) the adorable Trunki—for family
    travels both near and far. The customizable5400_Trunki_TERRANCE_Closed.jpg suitcase (thanks to the stickers) is the perfect storage solution for playthings. Designed to
    meet airline carry-on requirements, the Trunki glides on wheels and has a slick
    shoulder strap for easy handling.

    $34.99, thenewtoy.com

    Ages 5-7

    eBEANSTALK RECOMMENDS Morphibians Explorer by Kid Galaxy

    Not your average remote-controlled car. The Morphibians Explorer moves by land and water, thanks to the vehicle’s
    powerful four-wheel drive. Great for indoors, outdoors, puddles and pools—kids
    will love the 4×4 turf-digging tires and the wake-forming paddle.

    $32.99, ebeanstalk.com

    STATE NEWS RECOMMENDS Pencil Toppers (4-Pack) by Kachooz

    The whimsical Kachooz are tiny fuzzy creatures that sit happily atop your No 2’s. Spin the
    pencil and watch their hair frizz into silly shapes.

    $15.98, 212-831-8010

    Ages 8-10

    eBEANSTALK RECOMMENDS the ReCon Programmable Rover by SmartLab Toys

    play meets learning, the programmable ReCon 6.0 can navigate specified courses to
    deliver a treat to a pet or guard a bedroom. The owner’s manual guides perspective engineers through
    basic operations and teaches kids how to create their own commands.

    $69.99, ebeanstalk.com

    RECOMMENDS Sizzlin’ Cool Water Warriors Cricket (2-Pack) by Buzz Bee

    water fun to a whole new level. The air pressure Cricket blasters shoots up to 38 feet so kids can engage in fierce but friendly water fights! Each toy
    holds up to 14 oz of water.

    $9.99, toysrus.com

    cars 2 wii game_1.jpgEditor’s Pick

    2: The Video Game for Wii

    Strap on
    your seatbelt (come on, safety first!) and choose your favorite Cars personality, from adorable Mater to
    newcomer Holley Shiftwell, to train as a spy. Flip, spin, sidestep and
    loop-de-loop in this virtual world—an expansion of the silver screen.
    Recommended for ages 6-11 years, up to four players.

    Harrison, Associate Editor

    $49.99, thedisneystore.com

    Our Expert Toy Panel:

    James Geisan is the founder
    of The New Toy, a website featuring video reviews of high-quality toys.

    Brian Gordon is the Co-Founder of eBeanstalk, an online toy store that carefully matches products to a child’s developmental stage.

    Rosie Weissbart is the toy buyer and owner of
    State News. Visit their two Upper
    East Side locations.

    Toys”R”Us can be found online or at their flagship store in Times Square.