• The Best School Supplies For Kids Of All Ages

    Set your students up for success with our guide to savvy school supplies.

    By New York Family

    By Rebecca Levey and Mia Weber

    For Ages 3-8: Whether you’re prepping your little one for their very first day of nursery school, or their big step into Kindergarten, fun and age-appropriate gear is a must. The New York Family team has combed the marketplace for our fave picks for the littlest scholars this back-to-school season!

    For Ages 8-12: As kids grow up, tech supplies and trendy gear take center stage. Rebecca Levey, co-founder of KidzVuz—safe, moderated videos on sports, fashion, books, movies, and more, made by kids, for kids ages 6-14—weighs in on her expert recommendations for older kids and tweens.

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