April 9, 2014

Sponsored Scoop: SciTech Kids Camp

The White House’s Favorite Science Camp: Enroll Now!

By New York Family

homepage9Summer is a great time for kids to explore the wonders of science. SciTech Kids sparks a child’s innate curiosity and creativity about science through rich, hands-on captivating experiences. Whether an Explorer (ages 3-5), Adventurer (ages 6-8), or Investigator (ages 9-12), SciTech Kids inspires kids to think like scientists. Mornings are spent in Central Park and afternoons are filled with a range of science and non-science activities.

Summer 2014: June 9 to August 8; ages 4-12; 9am to 3pm; enroll for 1 to 9 weeks

For more information, 212-804-7055 or www.sci-techkids.com

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