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    Caring for Israel’s Disabled, Together

    By New York Family

    Aleh_tickerALEH was established in 1982 by a group of parents determined to give their severely disabled children the best available care and the opportunity to develop to their fullest potentials.  These parents rented an apartment, hired a special education teacher and solicited a group of dedicated volunteers to assist them in realizing their goal.

    Their innovative approach and steadfast commitment has since changed the face of rehabilitative care in Israel.

    Today, ALEH is Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Approximately 650 children throughout the country receive state-of-the-art medical, educational and rehabilitative care in four facilities: Jerusalem, Gedera, Bnei Brak and the Negev. In addition, ALEH provides over 18,000 outpatient sessions to children with milder disabilities.

    SONY DSCThanks to ALEH, these children are able to live in much the same way as non-disabled children: attending school, participating in vocational training programs and enjoying activities such as swimming at the beach or touring the countryside.  Integration programs involving family, volunteers, school children and IDF soldiers promote acceptance of the disabled within the community at large.

    At the heart of ALEH’s success is the intensely personal relationship that develops between caregivers and the amazing children they care for.  ALEH’s 700 staff members and 250 volunteers develop a bond with the children that goes well beyond clinical care.

    As a result, the children of ALEH are developing far beyond the boundaries of their initial prognoses.  ALEH’s great successes continue to prove that within every child lies the seed of hope and potential, and a spirit that can communicate, learn, and enjoy friendship, laughter and love.

    ALEH: Caring for Israel’s Disabled, Together  

    ALEH is their home and their family – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 



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