• Special Needs Camps: Key Questions And Considerations

    A comprehensive guide to finding the perfect fit for your child

    By New York Family

    specialneedssidebar1Look beyond the website and don’t wait until the last minute to choose a summer camp. One of the best determinations when choosing a camp can be to tour the camp the summer before. See the camp in action so you can get a good feel for the camp program.

    Talk to other parents of children with special needs. Ask the camp director if there is a family you can talk to with a child similar to your child. Ask the parent how their child did at camp and how the camp handles issues.

    Parents shouldn’t let their own anxieties get in the way of sending their child to sleepaway camp.Independence is good for your child’s development. However, parents should consider how their child handles various daily scenarios at home. Do they need time to veg out when they get home from school? Do they sleep well and regularly? Can they share a room at home? Are they more irritable at night? Some kids have difficulty with a change in routine. so when they are in camp environment, certain problems can manifest. Talk to the camp director about your child’s habits to see if your child is the right fit for their program.

    Ask about the staff-to-camper ratio. What does that ratio mean? How much staff is walking around with your child activity to activity? What does it look like in the bunk at night? Ratios can mean something different at each camp so you want the director to spell it out for you.

    What activities will your child be participating in? Ask how will your child be encouraged to try new things if he or she is showing resistance.

    Get the details on lines of communication. Be sure to ask how the camp and director will communicate with you about your child during the camp session.

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