• Special Giveaway: Sleep!

    Win A Two-Hour In-Person Or Skype Session With Sleep Guru, Mommywise

    WINNER: Kapreka Booker

    Kind, thoughtful, and experienced, Natalie Nevares (aka Mommywise) has helped hundreds of local parents solve their baby’s or toddler’s sleep issues. For this exclusive giveaway, she’ll meet in person with (or Skype) a family for a detailed two-hour sleep consultation.

    A Brooklyn mom of two herself, Natalie has re-focused Mommywise over the years from a kind of all-purpose service for new parents to a sleep consultancy—and her record and reputation are so extraordinary that, for parents, she really is one of the city’s Patron Saints of Kid Sleep.

    Normally, she offers an initial 30-minute phone interview for free, so she can get a sense of the problem, and parents can decide whether they want to work with her on her now legendary four-week program.

    For this giveaway, she will meet the family in person for two hours and help them understand the nature of their challenges and how to go about addressing them. Whether they then decide to continue working with Natalie for her usual fee is up the family, but two hours with her can be a godsend and we recommend it to any family wrestling with baby or toddler sleep issues. (In fact, please share with friends who might need it too.)

    For more about Natalie and her sleep service, visit mommywise.com.

    For a chance to win this sleep giveaway, fill out the form at the bottom of this post by Friday, January 4. Also, please stop by our Facebook page to tell us why you would love to get more sleep. Good luck!

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