• Sharon Says

    A Mom Blog We Just Have To Share

    By New York Family

    One of our absolute favorite mom bloggers, Sharon Beesley, provides the editors of New York Family with daily doses of laughter, smiles and thought-provoking ideas for what to do and see around the city. We can’t keep her blog to ourselves any longer! Check it our for yourself: NYC Taught Me. —

    One of her latest posts on what to do before the holidays hit has us thinking haircuts and recipe-testing are “better now than later” kinds of things to check off your TO DO list early. Get cracking!

    And beyond writing her very own blog (with tons of pretty photos to boot), Sharon contributes to Babble’s Kid Scoop. Almost every day! If that isn’t enough inspiration to get off your behinds and get going, what is?

    OK, try this. Or this. Or this! No, this!

    Anything? :o)

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