• Picks of the Week: December 3-9

    Kid Row Holiday Extravaganza, Carnegie Hall Family Concert, Chanukah Arts & Crafts at the Plaza, and NYTB’s “The Nutcracker.”

    By Gavriella Mahpour
    NYTB's The Nutcracker

    Photo by Michael O' Brien

    December has rolled around again, and you know what that means. It’s all-out holiday time, with a plethora of holiday happenings in Manhattan and beyond. Enjoy this week’s offerings!

    Tuesday, December 4

    Kid Row Holiday Extravaganza
    Stores on 2nd Avenue between 73rd and 74th streets
    2 pm-7pm
    Who’s up for a holiday block party? Kids at Art, Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, Kids in Sports, and others are hosting their 1st Annual Kid Row Holiday Extravaganza. Kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy face painting, crafts, refreshments, goodie bags, and more. Parents can shop for clothing, shoes, and gifts, all on sale.

    Thursday, December 6

    Chanukah Arts & Crafts
    The Plaza
    4 pm-5 pm
    Join Eloise at The Plaza for a special, one-hour arts & crafts party in honor of Chanukah! Participants will decorate their own dreidel and munch on delectable treats in the Eloise at The Plaza Shop. Fee is $50.

    Friday, December 7-Sunday, December 9

    Carnegie Hall Family Concert: Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela
    Carnegie Hall
    2 pm
    The Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra is returning to Carnegie Hall for a limited holiday engagement. This celebrated youth orchestra will perform as part of the Hall’s Voices from Latin America series. A pre-concert activity will take place one hour before the performance and is free to ticket holders. An excellent concert experience for kids between the ages of 5 and 10. Tickets start at $9.

    Sunday, December 9

    The Nutcracker
    Florence Gould Hall Theater
    Various times
    The New York Theatre Ballet will perform choreographer Keith Michael’s adaptation of “The Nutcracker” at the French Institute Alliance Française, just in time for Christmas. With a running time of 60 minutes, this shortened version is perfect for younger children’s attention spans. Suitable for ages 3 and up. Tickets are $40.

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