• Phoning In Fireworks

    Download The Macy’s Fourth of July App Courtesy Of MyCityWay

    Okay, so we all agree: it’s a bummer that the Fourth of July lands smack in the middle of the week this year. Alas, there isn’t much we can do about that, but there is something we can help you with to make your day of fireworks and fun that much easier. —

    Meet the official app of the 36th Annual Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks!

    Macy’s has teamed up with the tech gurus at MyCityWay to provide an all-in-one, must-have app that will make your Independence Day sparkle like, well, a sparkler. You may remember back in November 2011, Macy’s and MyCityWay partnered together for the first-ever Thanksgiving Day Parade app, which provided an up-to-the-minute rundown of the parade, so your daughter didn’t miss that elusive Hello Kitty balloon, alongside a gazillion other helpful tips.

    That was balloons, this is fireworks. Free for your iPhone or Android or any mobile device, the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks app provides everything you – or out-of-town guests – need to know to get the best view of the dazzling show by the Hudson River, as well as what to do once you’re waiting for the fun to begin. Get transit info and details on where to go – even play the synchronized musical score from your phone as you and the kiddos ooooh and aaaahhhhh. The app offers the lowdown on the weather and even tidbits about Katy Perry (she’s a performer, you know). One feature we love: the bathroom locator (genius!).

    Tons more stuff, all for free, all on your phone. Download it from iTunes and read more about it on the Macy’s site.

    And while you are at it, check out the MyCityWayNOW app, which is every busy parent’s dream. Need to know where to find an ATM by that new Mommy and Me class? It has it. Want to know about any subway services change as you head to the Bronx Zoo? It has it. It even has an all-knowing app for our beloved NYC.

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