• Help Your Child With Dysgraphia Build Stronger Writing Skills

    Some kids can easily rise to these challenges but for other students, especially those with dysgraphia, these increasing demands can feel completely insurmountable.

    49 Local Resources For Children With Special Needs

    Our favorite valuable education resources for students with special needs.

    An Extraordinary Storyteller: Karen Haberberg

    With Her Forthcoming Book Of Photography, Karen Haberberg Is Giving A Voice To Children Living With Rare Genetic Conditions

    Special Needs Class: Enter Laughing

    Enter Laughing Gives Kids With Learning Differences A Platform For Their Strengths

    5 Tech Tools For Kids With Autism

    Finding tools to help your child effectively develop these skills can be a challenge, but there are now many innovative technology tools that can help them thrive.

    The Space Between Yes & No

    One Mother’s Struggle To Set Limits With Her Special Needs Child

    Help Fund Karen Haberberg Photography’s “Project Believe”

    Local mom and photographer Karen Haberberg is working to fund a very worthy photography project centered on children with rare genetic diseases

    Raising Awareness About Rare Genetic Diseases Through Photography

    February 29 is Rare Genetic Disease Day–learn how one local mom and photographer is fighting to raise awareness and change lives

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