A Neighborhood Guide To The City’s Nursery Schools

By New York Family

Our preschool directory (parts I and II), a glossary for nursery school philosophies, and tips on admissions

York Avenue Preschool York Avenue Preschool If you’re interested in applying to a private nursery school in the city, then chances are you’ve heard some anxiety-provoking rumors and reports about the admissions process. And, yes, there is competition for spots based primarily on supply and demand, but the important fact to latch on to, from the start of your search, [more]

20 Things To Know If Your Child Has Special Needs

By Joanna Dreifus

A Mom Of Two Shares Her Wisdom About Raising Children With Developmental Challenges

iStock_000009086703XSmall New York City is an exhilarating place to raise a family, but I think most parents would agree that it can be stressful, too. What’s more, if your child has special needs, navigating the metropolis can seem especially daunting and difficult. To help, here are 20 tips I’ve gleaned from my experience as a mother of two children who experienced [more]

NYC Special Needs Sanctuary

By Cynthia Darling

With The Arrival Of GiGi’s Playhouse, Local Children With Down Syndrome And Their Families Now Enjoy A Vibrant Community Of Their Own

Photo by Jonathan Springer On a Saturday morning in July, I head up to West 117th Street to a colorful storefront on the corner of Lenox Avenue. In the windows hang large, animated pictures of children smiling broadly, with cute outfits and adorable hairdos. These are the children of GiGi’s Playhouse, a new kind of social center [more]

Experience Worth Sharing

By Jessica Roblin

Parents of Children With Special Needs Have A Wonderful New Resource To Turn To: Moms Who Have Become Special Needs Consultants

1164198_hand_in_hand_1 Parents of children with special needs have to be incredibly resourceful. They face all the normal challenges of parenting, compounded by an onslaught of additional challenges, large and small, when it comes to helping their children get through the day and receive the services and schooling they need. But what do you do if you just received your child’s diagnosis [more]

Wheels Of Success

By Sarah Albert

How Lose The Training Wheels, Inc. Is Giving Kids With Disabilities Independence, One Ride At A Time

kid_on_bike Learning how to ride a bike is a quintessential childhood activity. Sadly, for many children with disabilities, that rite of passage can seem nearly impossible. Enter Lose The Training Wheels, a non-profit organization that’s helping kids master the saddle in Brooklyn this August 6-10. Lose The Training Wheels hosts weeklong camps where kids with disabilities get the help and support they [more]

Special Needs: Mastering The Maze

By Cristina Dimen

Evaluations? Programs? Services? The Good News Is That There Are Lots Of Local Services For Special Needs Children. The Bad News Is That There’s A Learning Curve For Parents

Happy children playing together. For city parents who suspect their child has a developmental delay, there’s good news—the city offers a wealth of free services for children with special needs, and there are also many experienced professionals in private practice in the city who work with children with special needs. But the bureaucracy around special needs can be confusing and overwhelming, so we asked [more]