Rite Of Passage: Ear Piercing

By Karen Haberberg

One local mom–and photographer–takes her daughter to get her ears pierced and documents the experience with touching photos and a personal reflection

4 One of my first memories is that of getting my ears pierced. I must have been 4 or 5. I remember the stinging needles pierce my ears, the burning astringent, and finally the excitement of these new pieces of jewelry: My very own pair of tiny heart earrings. It was a milestone. I was finally a big girl. Now, I’m the mother [more]

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

By Alex Richards

One Potty-Mouthed Local Mom Braces Herself For Her Toddler’s First F-Bomb

Fbomb Illustration by OHARA Hale Ever since she learned to speak, I’ve wondered when my daughter would drop her first F-bomb. She’s three now, so I figured it had to be right around the corner. But when?! What if Trixie swore at school and I got one of those dreaded phone calls from her teacher? Or on the [more]

Sudden Impact

By Anna Sims

A local mother shares the cautionary story of her daughter’s two-year recovery from a concussion.

Illustration by Justin Winslow Illustration by Justin Winslow When my daughter, Shannon*, hit her head during a high school basketball game, I didn’t panic. Shannon was a junior black belt in karate and had been the starting point guard on [more]

Like It Is

By Eric Messinger

A note for February 2014 from our editor Eric Messinger.

Noshing with Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli Noshing with Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli; photo by Karen Haberberg Photography I first attempted to write this note at my apartment, but parenting interceded. My son— who turns 10 next month—had worked himself into a froth of complaints and disappointments over just about anything he could latch onto from his day, from his ill-performing sled to the [more]

Thanks, Mom!

By Jodi Silberstein

Themes from an Olympic Games’ ad stir special memories for our blogger–as well as feelings of love and appreciation for her mom

jodi Our blogger, Jodi, on the slopes with her loving mom Much like the Super Bowl, many people look forward to the Olympic Games for the advertisements, those humorous, clever, inspiring, and sometimes even tear-jerking commercials. A few have already been released, and if they are any indication of what the rest of this year’s Olympic Games' commercials [more]

A Glass Of Hope

By Wendy Bradford

An NYC mom of three reconsiders her relationship with white wine

Illustration by Justin Winslow Illustration by Justin Winslow When I write about wine, it is often with the staggered view from a meaningful relationship. We were in love. We broke up a few times. Then met again, had a good time at a party. We got back together. But I’m not sure that we’re meant to be. Late on a cold afternoon, [more]