Gobble, Gobble!

By Dianne Drew

Keeping your child’s eating habits healthy through the sweetest time of the year reaps rewards in the classroom.

dianne I'm sure that many of you have children either hoarding bags of Halloween candy in their bedrooms, or—to your horror—they’ve consumed it all in much haste over the last few days. Halloween marks the beginning of a nutritional downfall in the school calendar year for many students just as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa feasts all vie for attention soon [more]

Kid-Inspired Date Nights For Adults

By New York Family

Ideas for how to strengthen your marriage with NYC date-night fun.

iStock_000014015737XSmall Everyone knows that date nights can do a lot to strengthen a marriage. Here are four of our favorite ideas: Bowling And Mini Golf At Bowlmor With two locations in Manhattan, Bowlmor boasts uptown and downtown bowling and entertainment. Check out their glow-in-the-dark bowling lanes or their “Caddyshack”-inspired 9-hole indoor mini-golf course. bowlmor.com Crafts Night At Make Meaning Participate in one of seven different [more]

New York Family Interviews Dr. Mehmet Oz

By Whitney C. Harris

TV’s Most Prominent Advocate Of Health And Wellness Gets Personal On The Joys Of His Dynamic Career And Deep Commitment To Family

Photo by Sony Pictures Television Take the demands of a world-class cardiothoracic surgeon operating at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and teaching at Columbia University Medical School. Add to that the work of hosting a Daytime Emmy award-winning television show and writing best-selling books—not to mention supporting various non-profits—and you’re looking at the daily grind of America’s most famous doc, Dr. Mehmet Oz. “For me it’s about managing my [more]

Love Stories

By New York Family

Inspired By This Month Of Romance, We Asked Four Local Writers To Reflect On Marriage, Parenting And What’s Love Got To Do With It

  It Makes Sense—On Paper By Nicole Blades Back when I was the Sex & Relationships editor at a women's magazine, I would often have to consult experts—psychoanalysts, therapists, PhDs, marriage coaches, sociologists—to get their weigh-in on one couples' issue or another. I would secretly roll my eyes whenever they predictably offered up this tired tip: When you don't see eye to eye, sit down with your guy, [more]

Tuesdays With Harriet

By Leah Black

A Psychologist And Bestselling Author Reflects Upon The Mind Of The Married (And Unmarried) Mom

Moms have a lot on their minds, and they’re thinking about much more than their mounting to-do lists. As a recent cover story in New York magazine highlighted, even a casual sweep through the bulletin boards of a site like urbanbaby.com is likely to reveal postings that are as deep as a personal diary. One recent soliloquy by an affluent [more]