The Best Smartphone Apps For Techie Tots

By Iman Saad

Raising digital natives means screening the best age-appropriate apps for your curious kiddos

Fiete Match Fiete Match Kids (and babies and toddlers) these days seem to adapt to technology faster than ever--so while you may remember your very first (and not-so-sleek) cell phone coming not too long ago, children growing up in today's world are using smartphones and tablets from the get-go. But what does it all mean for parents striving to raise [more]

Got Teens? Local Moms Shed Light On The Teen Years

By Iman Saad

Self-proclaimed “Doctor Moms,” Logan Levkoff and Jennifer Wider, give us a run-down of the good, the bad and the ugly parts about adolescent life.

9781580055062 Every parent has nightmares about their child’s teenage years. With the hormones, peer pressure and unending line of uncomfortable questions, parents seem to dread the teenage years more and more every day. Thankfully, our friends (and local moms), Dr. Logan Levkoff and Dr. Jennifer Wider, wrote the ultimate guide to navigating the teen world. Dubbing themselves as “Doctor Moms,” Got [more]

How To Pick A Pediatric Dentist Or Orthodontist For Your Child

By Emanuelle Block

Start Early, Ask For Referrals, and Do Your Research

doggy Editor's Note: For listings of parent-recommended pediatric dentists and orthodontists, along with other healthcare providers, click here.  Whether it’s a little one’s very first trip to the dentist, or time to straighten that crooked smile, parents need to know what to look for in a pediatric dentist or orthodontist. A Child’s First Visit To The Dentist The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends [more]

Health & Wellness Listings

By New York Family

A comprehensive list of pediatricians, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, OB-GYNs, hospitals (where to give birth), and urgent care

doggy Editor’s Note: A brief aside on how these listings came together: To find a good doctor, many people turn to their friends, so we thought why not turn to our readers to put together a list of favorite, local OB-GYNs, pediatricians, and pediatric dentists and orthodontists? (We’ve also included urgent care listings and hospitals in which to give birth.) These [more]

How To Pick A Pediatrician

By Jessica Roblin

Do Your Research And Follow Your Intuition

pediatrician Editor's Note: For listings of parent-recommended pediatricians and other healthcare providers, click here. To find a new restaurant, almost any search engine does the trick—and the same goes for many other goods and services, from boutiques to hairdressers. Unfortunately, that’s not how finding a pediatrician works. “The internet is not the best place to get information because it’s anonymous and a lot [more]

Family Health & Wellness Guide 2014

By New York Family

Sage advice from local pediatricians, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and OB-GYNs. Plus, our readers share their favorite neighborhood family doctors.

pediatrician   How To Pick a Pediatrician Do your research and follow your intuition   How to Pick The Best Pediatric Dentist or Orthodontist For Your Child       Health & Wellness Listings A comprehensive list of pediatricians, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, OB-GYNs, hospitals (where to give birth), and urgent care         How To Have A Healthy, Happy Pregnancy The journey from pregnancy to motherhood entails huge physical and emotional changes. We asked [more]