Ghosts Of Parenting Past

By Lani Serota

Our blogger–a local mom of 2–reflects on the different lessons she’s learned from different phases of parenting

lani featured image Living in crowded Manhattan, we jostle and bump in to one another all the time and so do we Manhattan parents jostle and bump in to versions of our past selves at the playground, on the sidewalk, the school steps, in diners… On an usually low-key, unscheduled, brisk October day, I took my two girls up to a neighborhood park we [more]

Five Sunscreens for Babies and Toddlers

By Jaime Rochelle Herndon

Great options to protect your child

coola (Editor's Note: For tips on sunscreen use, check out this article.) The sun is shining and the kids are playing--but that also means exposure to harmful UV rays. It can be hard to know which sunscreen is best--there are so many out there from which to choose. We found some of our favorites that provide full coverage and are safe for [more]

Sun Safety Advice

By Jaime Rochelle Herndon

A noted public health advocate lays out the best ways parents can protect their children from too much sun exposure

imgres (Editor's Note: For 5 recommended sunscreen brands, click here!) There’s no doubt about it, summertime is finally here, and the sun is out in full-force. But not all sunscreens are created equal. In fact, the FDA has recently ruled that sunscreens cannot be labeled “waterproof” anymore--and should be reapplied, regardless, every two hours. Parents on-the-go might grab spray-on sunscreen for its [more]

New York Family Partner: The Heart Of Learning

By Emanuelle Block

With An Accomplished New Head Of School, An Innovative STEM Curriculum, And Expansion Into Pre-K, The Alexander Robertson School Looks To The Future, While Continuing To Provide A Warm And Inclusive Learning Environment

Young learners at ARS Walking through the cheery corridors of the Alexander Robertson School (ARS), with its art-splashed walls and archways and colorfully-tiled floors, one can’t help but feel the joy of a school where learning is celebrated and students and staff are engaged and energized. But is the feeling a matter of visitor’s luck or the true essence of the school? Sally Wheeler Maier, [more]

A Guide To New York City’s Best Private Schools (Part 1 of 2)

By New York Family

When You’re Ready To Do Your Homework, There Are Many Good Schools To Discover (Schools A-K)

Alexander Robertson School Alexander Robertson School Editor's Note: For part 2 of "A Guide To The City's Best Private Schools," which includes listings L through Z, click HERE. Edited by Emanuelle Block If there’s a “secret” to applying to private school, it’s chiefly this: do your research with the goal of identifying the schools that you think would truly be the best [more]

Riding The Matterhorn

By Scott Ambrose Reilly

Looking Back At His Thrill-Seeking Life, A Hipster Dad Discovers That Fatherhood May Be The Most Fun Adventure Of All

IMG_20130810_163901EDIT The first 21 years of my adult life were spent seeking adventure. I skipped college, roadtripped all around the country, slept in each of the Continental United States, then hooked up with a rock ‘n roll band and did it all again under much more decadent circumstances, looking for shenanigans wherever shenanigans could be found. I met my wife during [more]