• Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

    The best TV diet for kids. The rise of “snow plow” parents. Should being a mom really be a “job”?

    By Nick Bell, Pearl Shin, Anna Sims, Sothea Shreck, Chrissy Makris

    With Valentine’s Day now in our rear-view mirrors, one father reflects on the steps he and his wife take to preserve the intimacy in their marriage (Motherlode Blog)

    Spring is around the corner and love is in the air. Babies seem to be on everyone’s mind as celebrities welcome new members into their families every week. Check out these seven celebrity couples who have announced this month that they’re expecting! (People Magazine)

    New Directions, an 11-week course given by Pace University, offers women an opportunity to rebuild their professional skills as they prepare to leave home. Here are three inspiring interviews with stay-at-home moms turned back-to-work moms. (New York Times)

    These last few weeks of winter can be a drag on city families. All the snow has melted or is brown with dirt, ice skating is no longer a novel idea, and the temperatures rise and fall unexpectedly. Here are six great ideas to keep your little ones busy during this dreary time of year. (Babble)

    The television has always been a concern when it comes to what our children watch and absorb. The Motherlode blog writes that  children who watch high-conflict shows tend to be more aggressive, while those who watch socially constructive shows demonstrate positive social skills and behavior. (New York Times)

    It’s officially “Moms Demand Action” week. Members of One Million Moms for Gun Control take action and stand up against gun violence. Check out the non-partisan parent group by visiting onemillionmomsforguncontrol.org (BlogHer)

    It’s hard to admit, but most of us frequently feel lazy as parents…reasonably so! Hear this mom’s meditations on feeling like a lazy parent and how she’s not alone in feeling this way. (The Atlantic)

    Studies show that birthing method, whether vaginally or through cesarean section, has substantial effects on a baby’s development. See what specific results have been found in recent studies. (Time)

    There are many things that are said, and left unsaid, about parenting, especially when you’re having your first baby. So here’s a list of things to really expect when you’re expecting. (Huffington Post)

    These nifty ideas for creating and packing healthy school lunches (and actually getting your kids to eat them!) are a must-read for parents with school-aged children. (Super Healthy Kids)

    Lets face it: parenting feels like a “job” most of the time. But this mom challenges us to stop calling being a mom a “career.” Read her reasons why here. (Blogher)

    There’s a new type of parent joining the ranks of Tiger Moms and Helicopter Dads. Introducing, the Snow Plow Parents, those moms and dads who’ll do anything to push obstacles out of their children’s way. (Babble)

    Is “closeness” in a relationship overrated? A new study poses some interesting questions about intimacy, distance, and happiness. (Healthland)

    Who knows your child better than you? Find out if online homeschooling your child might be a helpful for your struggling learner. (She Knows)

    With so many choices, it can be overwhelming trying to buy the right digital toys for your tots. In this article, experts weigh in on how to pick and use the technology to best help your kids. (Fox Business)

    Not all vitamins are created equal. Reader’s Digest breaks it down to teach you about the good, the bad, and the totally useless vitamins. (Reader’s Digest)

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