• NYC’s Best Birthday Cakes

    By New York Family

    A cake-crazed mom presents her top picks for the city’s best and most delicious birthday cake offerings. Here are 6 of her favorites. For the full list of cakes and to read more about them, check out her NYC’s 10 Best Birthday Cakes story.

    • Dylan’s Candy Bar
      The cake might seem completely beside the point at an over-the-top Dylan’s birthday party, but the cake-flavored and cake-topped ice cream is an unusual and unusually good alternative to a traditional cake. It’s simply awesome, tasting just as good as it sounds. If you’re having the calories, you might as well get the calcium too, right? At least that’s how I justify it to myself after the downstairs candy spree. dylanscandybar.com

    • Tribeca Treats
      The icing on Tribeca Treats’ adorable cakes has the consistency of fudge. It is eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-head good and gorgeous. Super-cute standard polka dot designs aside, they can do 3-dimensional decorations that look amazing for the 10 seconds you can keep your kids hands (and mouths) off them, given enough lead time. tribecatreats.com

    • Magnolia Bakery
      Magnolia Bakery essentially makes for you the cake you would make yourself if you (a) had the time, (b) were born in the South, or (c) had any inclination at all to use your kitchen. I, for one, decidedly do not, so they’re a winner in my book. magnoliabakery.com

    • Two Little Red Hens
      This bakery’s cupcakes are uniformly delectable and beautiful. The cakes are masterfully decorated with buttercream flowers as beautiful as any fondant ones (but a hundred times more delicious). The seasonally decorated sugar cookies make wonderful hostess gifts and can draw out a smile at a school pickup even after a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Let me just add: They’re so good that I totally lied to my editor about needing a sample of their banana cupcake because “I hadn’t had one in a while.” twolittleredhens.com

    • Food Emporium
      On a taste-per-dollar scale, Food Emporium cakes are simply off the charts. The cakes are flat and the designs are generic, but the base is moist, the icing soft and not too sweet, and the pudding filling to die for. Chocolate or vanilla, that center of gooey deliciousness makes the umpteenth children’s birthday party of the weekend well worth the price of the presents and the inevitable bouncy castle tantrum. (I’ve been known to take a piece and finish off my daughter’s as well.) thefoodemporium.com

    • Creative Cakes
      When money is no object and the imagination runs wild, Creative Cakes is where it’s at. A Creative Cake is always a showstopper, whether you opt for 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional decorations. Given that the options for the exterior cake are endless, you can forgive that the inside of every confection is the same (and surprisingly good!) chocolate cake. They’re an exception to the rule that cakes can only either look good or taste good. Just don’t tell anyone how much you paid, or they might have you committed. creativecakesny.com

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