• New York Family Partner: The Mandell Preschool

    Over Nearly Eight Decades Of Community, Partnership & Playful Learning, The Mandell Preschool Has Been A Beacon Of Top-Tier Early Childhood Education

    By New York Family

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    Since 1939, The Mandell Preschool has nurtured generations of bright, young children to be joyful, active, and engaged learners while encouraging flexible thinking and creative problem solving. Mandell is well-known amongst thoughtful New York parents for its unique, inquiry-based hands-on curriculum, which grows with its children as they grow. Each Mandell preschooler is honored for their own uniqueness and the program takes a highly individualized and holistic approach to children’s early cognitive, social, and emotional development and physical growth.

    Early childhood is a critical time in human development, and high-caliber programs like The Mandell Preschool are known to produce positive and lasting effects—not just on a child’s academic future but also on their development of sense of self, their comfort and understanding of the world around them, and how they can positively contribute to the community. Savvy New York families have always understood that this type of preschool experience is the foundation to a lifelong love of learning. Mandell’s students are encouraged to ask questions, play with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials, and explore themes and new concepts in depth through art, music, science, and play.

    “Our children walk through our doors each morning feeling safe, happy, and curious, which allows them to be open to new ideas and gain the pluck and patience to know it’s not about getting things ‘right,’ it’s about learning how to learn, and finding wonder and excitement in that process,” says Margaret Metz, Mandell’s Head of School. “Development and learning happens differently for each child, and as such our curriculum is designed to meet children where they are and to lead them forward in all areas with great care and enthusiasm. Children approach play, learning, and hands-on discovery in their own way and we value the creative contributions each child brings to the classroom community.”

    Community is one of the core values each Mandell Preschool family and faculty member embraces, with an emphasis on how kindness and mutual understanding make the world a better place. From learning to respect and value one another in the classroom, to learning about other cultures and experiences, Mandell is an open and diverse preschool community that believes a strong partnership between home and school is the most effective way to guide its students through their first formal educational experience and help to prepare them, and their parents, for the path ahead. This connection enables Mandell to guide and direct parents towards the best fit programs when it is time to move on to Kindergarten. “Our placement process, much like our preschool, is highly individualized and we work in supportive partnership with our families to determine where their children will thrive after preschool,” Metz explains.

    Adriana Payne, Director of Admissions, encourages families to look broadly at programs and get to know schools by touring and asking questions that are specific to their child and family. “Ultimately, when a family joins our program they are looking for a place that feels like home and is a gentle transition to a school environment,” she says. “We strive for a real balance of temperaments, backgrounds, and personalities in our classrooms, as this fosters creativity and growth in all of our students.”

    To learn more about The Mandell Preschool, visit mandellschool.org!

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