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    6 Sweet Books For Baby’s First Easter

    By Laura Lambert

    Easter is about new beginnings—and that’s a particularly appropriate theme for babies, who are just beginning to understand the world around them. What better way to help them than with books?
    For babies and toddlers, it’s less about phonics and more about imparting a love of books—in particular by teaching them that books are full of fun and surprises. Younger babies love high-contrast images and things to touch, feel, and hear, while toddlers are beginning to grasp simple words and children of all ages love to be read to aloud.

    Here are some sweet books for your baby, big or small, that are perfect for his or her Easter basket.

    Laura Lambert is a writer, editor, and mother-of-two living in Los Angeles. She blogs for Brightly, a Penguin Random House site that helps parents raise kids who love to read.

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    • 100 First Words
      100 First Words

      Age: Up to 2 years

      This one is a vital addition to any child’s growing library. With inspiration direct from the real world, 100 First Words helps solidify a baby’s mental connections between an object and the word that belongs to that object. 100 First Words features the shapes, body parts, clothes, vehicles, animals, pets, food, and other everyday objects that babies already know and love, in a brighter, more colorful, and larger format.

    • Baby Touch and Feel Animals
      Baby Touch and Feel Animals

      Age: Up to 2 years

      The two unbearably soft-looking bunnies on the cover say it all—they’re so cute, you’ve got to touch them. And they’re perfectly seasonable for Easter as well. Board books like Baby Touch and Feel Animals strike the right balance for the pre-verbal set—strong, simple images and words plus textures to engage a baby’s senses. And this one in particular will look right at home in baby’s first Easter basket.

    • Baby Touch and Feel I Love You
      Baby Touch and Feel I Love You

      Age: Up to 2 years

      Baby Touch and Feel I Love You is another adorable bunny-cover book—and a USA Today best seller to boot. The tactile hearts, cozy red sweaters and plush fur keep it interesting for baby’s little hands, while the kisses, hugs, and cuddles in the text make it the perfect way to celebrate how much you love her.

    • Really Feely Farm
      Really Feely Farm

      Age: Up to 2 years

      Rife with the colors of spring, Really Feely Farm is wonderfully tactile and full of baby’s favorite farm animals. Like other touch-oriented board books, this board book is meant to inspire curiosity and play—all in a larger format, with lots to touch on every page, including the cover. Ask baby to pet the pig’s bristly fur or its squishy snout—and he’ll fall in love with all the surprises that books have to offer.

    • Pop-up Peekaboo Farm
      Pop-up Peekaboo Farm

      Age: Up to 3 years

      Slightly older children who have mastered early pre-reading skills like pointing to objects they recognize, turning pages, and interacting with books in general will love this pop-up book. Ask your toddler to lift the flap to find the surprise—like which farm animal is hiding behind a bush, next to the three little pigs. (A warning to parents: Get ready to read this one over and over again!)

    • A First Bible Story Book and A First Book of Prayers
      A First Bible Story Book and A First Book of Prayers

      Age: 5-8 years old

      This set boasts two beautifully illustrated books in one package, perfect to give as a keepsake for Easter or other occasion, such as a christening. A First Bible Story Book features 13 stories from the Old and New Testaments, including one just right for the season, “The First Easter.” A First Book of Prayers helps children understand the power and purpose of prayer in their own terms. While these books are meant for slightly older children, babies and toddlers will still enjoy hearing them read aloud.

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