• New York Family’s December 2012 Issue

    Resilience & Recovery After Sandy + Winter Classes Preview + Holiday Fun

    By New York Family

    We’re excited to bring you the digital edition of New York Family magazine’s December issue. Here are the highlights:

    *Editor’s Note: Looking Back And Moving Forward

    *Contests & Special Events: Start Thinking About Summer Camp, The Season Of Post-Sandy Giving, Sign Up For Our Newsletters!

    *City Of Angels: In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy, We’ve Seen Countless New Yorkers Helping Out Other New Yorkers–Here Are A Few Of Their Inspiring Stories

    *Thunder And Lightning Aren’t So Frightening: Parenting Expert Marsha Greenberg On How To Discuss Natural Disasters With Your Kids

    *Where Do We Go From Here? Five Questions Every Parent Should Be Asking After Sandy

    *How You Can Still Help: The Opportunities For Parents And Children To Volunteer And Donate Are Many. Start With These Groups That Are Doing Amazing Work

    *The Best Children’s Classes You’ve Never Heard Of (Until Now): Our Winter Preview Of Under-The-Radar Winter Offerings For All Ages

    *HOME & AWAY*

    *Travel: Not Just For Lovers–Eleven Nearby Hideaways That Welcome Children

    *Quality Time: Yummy Recipes For Wonton Soup And Fresh Ricotta Gnocchi


    *10 Great Events For December: A Beary Christmas, The Holiday Train Show, Chanukah On Ice, And More

    *Holiday Classics: Our Opinionated Editor Shares His Tips On The Best Christmas Trees, Santas, Department Store Window Displays, Pop-Up Markets, And Nutcrackers


    *Scoop: A New Gift Concierge, Crafts That Go Anywhere, A Special NYC Poem, A Pediatric Group Adds Night Hours

    *It’s My Party: Birthday Celebrations At The Ballet Club, Applause NYC, and 92Y

    *A Good Idea: Two Local Businesses Have Come Up With Endearing And Enduring Ways To Help Families Store Images And Recordings Of Loved-Ones

    *Activity Of The Month: For Advice On Kids And Gymnastics, We Turned To The Best Teachers In The City

    *Growing Up: From White Lies To Tall Tales, Children Often Twist The Truth For Reasons Parents Can (And Should) Address

    *Gift Guide: A Holiday LYSST With Posh Present Ideas For City Moms And Dads

    *Toy Guide: The Hottest New Toys For All Ages–Find The Perfect Gift For Your Child

    *The Last Word: An Expectant Mom Consider How Her Second Baby Might Turn Family Life Upside Down–And Whether She’s Ready For The Challenge

    As always, we would love to know what you think. Please e-mail us at newyorkfamily@manhattanmedia.com with your feedback.Enjoy!


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