• New Summer Program: Dance 2 Art

    The Craft Studio and Ballet Academy East have a new caregiver program for summer 2017

    By Mia Weber

    When Lindsey Peers, the owner of the Craft Studio on the UES had a hard time finding summer programming for her 2.5-year-old that had camp-like feel but with a caregiver inclusion aspect she took matters into her own hands and partnered with fellow local business Ballet Academy East (BAE) to form Dance 2 Art!

    She discovered that there were a ton of moms like her who wanted to wait for separation until school in the fall. So, in partnership BAE, she came up with an awesome caregiver-and-program for 2-year-olds this summer.

    Dance 2 Art is a fun summer program for 2-year-olds and their parents or caregivers, combining some of the most beloved and popular aspects of both the Craft Studio and BAE.

    Dance 2 Art will run June 27 – August 17, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3-4:45pm. Parents can sign up for a full eight weeks or day by day.

    Register online at balletacademyeast.com!


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