• Moms And The City: A Great New Show For (And From) NYC Moms

    By Eric Messinger

    As the ABC comedy Modern Family’s big night at the Emmy’s made
    clear, if you explore family life candidly, and with humor, people will love
    you for it. For that reason, we think
    you’re going to enjoy “Moms & the City and A Dad Named David,” a new talk show in which three NYC moms and TV personality David
    Ushery compare notes on parenthood. In the spirit of  The View, their disagreements
    are what makes the show interesting and vital, and because they’re city
    parents, we have a feeling that you’ll especially relate. Beyond the
    discussions, there are segments on celebrity parents and innovative
    “mompreneurs.” The show airs on NBC NY nonstop Thursday nights at
    10 p.m
    . (That’s Time Warner 161, and Verizon Fios 460), and you
    can also get to know the mom trio on their blog for the Daily News.

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