Green Thumb Families

By Emanuelle Block

The Horticultural Society Of New York (AKA The Hort) Grows A New Generation Of Gardeners

Having fun at the Hort's annual Green Bean Bash Having fun at the Hort's annual Green Bean Bash Editor's Note: For more on flowers and gardens, check out "Flower Gazing For Fams," our comprehensive guide to May flowers in New York City.  For several decades, the Horticultural Society of New York has helped build gardens in public and private schools, enriching the curriculum and exposing school kids [more]

Spring Fever Essentials For Tots

By Elle Belle

Spring has sprung for our littlest blogger — she shares her picks for making the most of the (finally) beautiful weather we’re having

ChalkSwirlInsertSmall_large I think I have a case of spring fever! This tiny toddler is tired of arctic temperatures, snow, and being stuck inside and is ready to hit the great outdoors and dominate the playground! I simply couldn’t get by, however, without these spring essentials. I’m sure your kids will love them, too: Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter: I’ve been getting around town [more]

Ella’s Kitchen Offers Eco-Friendly Baby Food

By Kristin Tablang

Feed your baby food they’ll love while going green at the same time

ellas-kitchen-food Getting babies and toddlers to eat is not fun. It may seem adorable the first couple of times your tiny tot giggles and swats the choo-choo train spoon from your hand splattering smashed peas all over the place, or uses her high chair table as a canvas for a Jackson Pollock-esque work finger-painted with mashed carrots…but as you probably already [more]

The Green Festival Is Coming To NYC

By New York Family

Learn how your family can live a healthier, more sustainable life at the Green Festival, April 26-27

thumb-pg-2014-nyc Join us on April 26th and 27th for the Green Festival in NYC to learn how your family can live a healthier, more sustainable life. Green Festival offers something for everyone, with the widest selection of products and services to work green, play green and live green. You can shop for the best green products on the market enjoy vegan, vegetarian [more]

The Benefits Of Cloth Diapers

By Kristin Tablang

Check out the latest tips, trends, and fun facts about swapping disposable for cloth

cloth diapers Disposable diapers definitely have the seductive lure of convenience on their side, but the benefits of cloth diapers arguably outweigh this positive. Not only are cloth diapers better for the environment (and your wallet) than disposable diapers, they also provide babies with wonderful dryness and comfort. In addition, some say they even help speed up potty training! Read on for the [more]

Fashion: NOCH Mini

By Mia Weber

A sophisticated, eco-friendly brand for children introduces their new spring collection

NOCH MINI Though locally-crafted and eco-friendly kids-wear isn’t exactly an anomaly in New York City, it’s certainly a rare sight to find an organic children’s line that’s as effortlessly sophisticated—yet still age-appropriate—as NOCH mini. Local mom and Parsons Alum Jina Jang conceived of NOCH mini (named for the essential elements of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen) after her daughter was born in [more]