New Victory’s Journey To “Mother Africa”

By Mia Weber

Get children excited for New Victory’s big holiday show by learning about featured instruments and dances!

Mother Africa Kitenge 2 The New Victory Theater is renowned for producing children's theater that is both edgy and original as well as decidedly crowd-pleasing and kid-friendly. And their annual holiday shows are no exception. This year, for the duration of the holiday season (December 6 through January 5, 2014), New Victory is showing "Mother Africa"--which celebrates and showcases the rich traditions of African [more]

New York City Parking Ballet

By Hillary Chura

The Ins and Outs of Parking On the Cheap from our Parenting for Le$$ Blogger.

parkingballet When my husband and I visited New York City as tourists long ago, driving in the city elevated our blood pressure. Then we moved here, and I realized that the driving wasn’t the problem. It was the parking. (And the subway, and the apartment search, and the sticker shock, and the crowds….)   In those Pre-Harlem-Costco days, we’d muse how nice it [more]

The Internship: Just a Funny Movie or A Real Life Foot in the Door?

By Lorraine Duffy Merkl

A New York City mom interviews a human resources expert for advice on going back to work.

internship2 Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) don’t exactly fit in with the other interns at Google. “They have more life experience than the age of most of our interns,” is how they’re described in the new blockbuster The Internship. After the two 40-something salesmen are laid off, they take internships at the leading search engine, which they hope will [more]

City Savers

By New York Family

Tutoring, Babysitting, Even Vacationing—There Are More Opportunities To Contain The Cost Of An NYC Childhood Than One Might Think

moneytaxi You don’t need to move to the suburbs to save money. (In fact, that usually doesn’t work, but more on that later). In my experience, there are ways to reduce the cost of almost any good or service you and your family enjoy as part of living in the city—it just takes a little creativity and moxie. I’ll get you [more]

Her Financial Fitness

By Robin Saks Frankel

A Former J.P. Morgan Investment Executive Writes A Tell-All Guide For Women

In her new book, “Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?: A Woman’s Guide To Finding Financial Empowerment And Success,” JP Morgan financial adviser Susan Hirshman compares wealth management to something women tend to be familiar with: dieting. After all, healthy eating and healthy money management share a lot in common; both require planning and discipline, and both produce results when done [more]

What’s The Plan?

By Molly O’Meara Sheehan

From Budgets To Wills To College Savings, A Primer On Financial Planning For Families

The joy a new baby brings to your life cannot be measured in dollars, but the claims he orshe will make on your bank account can. The average U.S. family now spends $222,360to rear a child from birth to age 18, according to an annual government survey. Evenwithout adding college tuition, New Yorkers are likely to spend much more, given [more]