• Let’s Get Crafty

    Our Favorite Craft Studios In The City

    The Craft Studio
    Kids can create their own masterpieces by painting a
    variety of plastercraft, terra cotta and wood items anytime. The studio also
    offers special walk-in workshops specifically designed for each season. This
    month kids can make hot chocolate jars or wooden snowflake mobiles.
    1657 Third Avenue, 212-831-6626, craftstudionyc.com.

    Little Shop Of

    Little Shop offers a handful of crafts from
    pottery, beading, plastercraft, mosaics, woodcraft, frames, T-shirts and
    mosaics. The shop also holds workshops appropriate for kids and adults in
    beading, fine art and watercolor painting.
    711 Amsterdam Avenue,
    212-531-2723; 431 East 73rd
    , 212-717-6636, littleshopny.com.

    Loop of the

    Loop of the Loom is a hand-weaving studio in the New York
    metropolitan area, offering classes in the award winning SAORI weaving
    program for children and adults. SAORI is a zen art of weaving from Japan that
    is dedicated to free expression and self-development. Loop of the Loom
    introduces this easy-to-learn form of, what they like to call, “happy weaving”
    and unique craft classes using fibers from mother nature.
    227 East 87th Street,
    212-722-2686, loopoftheloom.com.


    This shop invites kids and adults alike to get messy
    soap, candles, ceramics, glassware, jewelry or paper arts. In
    addition to their daily walk-in offering, Make Meaning has over 100
    professionally run classes scheduled every month.
    329 Columbus Avenue,
    212-362-0350, makemeaning.com.

    Here is a play space for stomach
    and the mind. Moomah is a unique café where you can sip a cup of hot chocolate
    and delve in a bit of creativity too. The café offers art workshops as well as
    simple DIY kits. Moomah has a myriad of activities from kids’ culinary classes
    to shadow box construction for personalized room decor.
    161 Hudson
    Street, 212-226-0345, moomah.com


    Scribble Press was created by two
    moms, Anna Barber and Darcy Pollack, as a place for kids and families to write,
    illustrate and publish their own books. The store is a fully equipped art studio
    complete with printing and bookbinding on site. Come with your story, and leave
    with a book!
    1624 First Avenue,
    212-288-2928; 217 West 84th
    , 212-362-2555, scribblepress.com.

    Photo: Make Meaning; photo by Jessica Shyba.