• New York Family’s January 2013 Issue

    The Best Strollers Of 2013 + 100 Cool Kids Winter Classes + Our Interview With Michael Strahan

    By New York Family

    We’re excited to bring you the digital edition of New York Family magazine’s January issue. Here are the highlights:


    Michael In The Morning: Football Legend And Father Of Four, Michael Strahan Has Teamed Up With Kelly Ripa To Co-Host TV’s Hottest Daytime Show

    Cool Winter Classes: 100+ Of Our Favorite Children’s Classes For The New Year

    Family Fun Guide

    Ten Great Events For January: Dinosaur Zoo, KamiKaze Fireflies, Retro Science, And More

    Welcome To Winter
    : The Best Of Local Skiing, Ice Skating, Sledding, Hot Chocolate, Indoor Fun, And More
    Raising The Barre: From Classics Like “Cinderella” To New Shows Like “Bark! In The Park,” New York Theatre Ballet Specializes In Performances Just For Children

    Home & Away

    Travel: Escapist Family Stories To Inspire New-Year Wanderlust


    Editor’s Note: A Collective Respite

    It’s My Party
    : Birthday Celebrations At Bowlmor Lanes, Scribble Press, And Jodi’s Gym

    A Good Idea
    : A Traditional Brazilian Martial Art Teaches Children Focus And Discipline Through Movement And Music

    Parent In Profile
    : As The Founder Of The Popular Website Mommy Poppins, Anna Fader Helps Families Find The Magic In NYC

    Stroller Guide
    : The Best Strollers Of 2013

    Growing Up
    : In Her New Book, The Author Of The Price Of Privilege Offers Parents Advice For Raising Independent Children—Letting Them Learn For Themselves

    The Last Word
    : In The Face Of School And Family Challenges, A Nine-Year-Old Invents The Smarticles Machine

    As always, we would love to know what you think. Please email us at newyorkfamily@manhattanmedia.com with your feedback. Enjoy!

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