• A Healthy Snack Shortcut For Homemade Popcorn

    1 Mess-Free Trick + 9 Recipes For A Healthy, Easy, Yummy Snack

    By Christine Wei

    White chocolate cranberry cashes popcorn -- Babble.com

    Popcorn has been on my mind for the past few months, ever since my former roommate started popping kernels on our stove with her boyfriend. I snack like a teenage boy in puberty, and the movie theater favorite is a relatively healthy option when homemade–no preservatives, no fake butter made of God knows what, full of fiber and antioxidants. So what’s the hold-back? Sometimes I’m really lazy. I don’t really want an extra pan to clean.

    Which is why I’m delighted to find this brilliant video by Kin Community, an online group of women who record YouTube vids for tips on style, food, and DIY. They’re certainly not the first to make popcorn in brown paper bags, but it’s refreshing news to me and to health-conscious parents with hungry kids who like dishwashing just as much as I do.

    The video includes two recipes for cocoa and chili & lime flavors. Suddenly inspired, I dug out a few more kid-friendly topping ideas that’d be great as lunchbox sides, after school snacks, or anytime munchies:

    Have your own favorite homemade popcorn flavor? Let us know in the comments! Otherwise, happy and healthy snacking to all.

    Christine Wei is Associate Editor of New York Family. She can be reached at cwei@manhattanmedia.com.

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