• Get Crafty For Mom

    Make This Mother’s Day Special With Handmade Gifts

    The month of May brings us one of the most important holidays
    of the year: Mother’s Day. While you could go the traditional route with
    flowers, candy or jewelry, we tend to prefer the charm of handmade gifts, and we’re sure
    Mom does as well! A homemade craft shows that you put heart, soul and thought into
    your gift, and it’s sure to be one your mother will treasure forever. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of fun,
    creative and easy projects for the kids to show their love to the number one
    woman in their lives! —


    While we think your mama is beautiful enough, we can’t
    resist this sassy beauty sleep mask – fully designed to give Mom optimal
    shut-eye time and to relieve stress. Kids will also enjoy filling it with dried
    lavender and flax seed for added aroma!

    Courtesy of familyfun.com

    Day Flower Door Stop

    Why not make your mom something she can use non-stop, all
    year round? This colorful, floral door stop will bring springtime cheer to the
    house all year long. Kids can get super-creative by adding glitzy glitter and
    bright paint.

    Courtesy of amazingmoms.com

    Book For Mom

    With couponing being all the craze, craft queen Martha
    Stewart gets in on the action for Mother’s Day. Get even more ahead
    of the game by stocking her personalized book with all ready-to-use coupons for a day of

    Courtesy of marthastewart.com

    Tile Coasters

    Give your mom a personalized and homemade coaster, perfect
    for setting her summertime lemonade on! These coasters are made using paper
    napkins and there are literally hundreds of patterns to choose from. Make a
    whole set for the entire family to enjoy.

    Courtesy of diymaven.com

    Mother’s Day Bouquet

    A bunch of flowers with a sweet twist! Not only can kiddos
    hand-make flowers out of colorful cardstock, but they can also add unique items to the bouquet such as Mom’s favorite flavor of lollipops.

    Courtesy of bhg.com

    Day Picture Magnet

    A specially designed craft for tiny tots (thanks to Fisher-Price!) that allows young kids to get crafty and show their love. Kids can
    make refrigerator magnets out of plastic lids and include their smiling face in
    the middle.

    Courtesy of fisher-price.com

    Flower Pot Pen

    A great gift for mom to bring to work! This special pen comes
    with its own flower pot holder. It’s an easy craft for kids of all ages
    to make, and since the pot is filled with coffee beans, the aroma is an added bonus.

    Courtesy of crafts-for-all-seasons.com

    Breakfast in Bed

    First thing’s first – start Mother’s Day off with breakfast
    in bed. Have your kiddo write a special message with food coloring on toast.
    Serve it all up with eggs, bacon, fruit – all of her favorite morning time foods.

    Courtesy of busybeekidscrafts.com


    Let the kiddos get their hands dirty with this sentimental
    gift. This is a great project for children and dads to create together,
    and will be sure to tug at Mom’s heart strings for years to come!

    Courtesy of lollyjaneboutique.com

    Dove Picture

    Looking for a great D.I.Y. gift that the whole family can get involved in?
    Brothers, sisters, dads, even baby! Everyone uses their fingerprints to create a meaningful picture with this piece of art.
    Put the finishing product in a fun frame and you have an easy, creative and
    colorful gift!

    Courtesy of busykidshappymom.org

    Shrinky Dink Charm

    An ’80s favorite is back! Straight from NYC’s own Craft
    Studio, this funky craft idea allows kids to draw on shrinky dink paper and
    then bake it in the oven to dwindle down to jewelry charm size. Have a
    grown up poke a hole through it, string it onto silver rings, clamp together
    and you have a personalized charm bracelet for Mom!

    Courtesy of craftstudionyc.com