• Garden Variety

    Plush Veggies Bring Healthy Choices To The Playroom

    Planning to freshen up your diet as the New Year stretches
    out ahead? As you bring healthy veggies to the forefront of your family
    meals, think about fun ways that you can get your kids to think about vegetables
    in a new light. Frame peas and carrots as cuddly friends with help from this
    cute plush crate, bursting with soft, smiley veggies from Under the Nile. —

    Complete with four
    different garden-fresh, huggable toys, this whimsical set–crafted from pure
    and organic Egyptian cotton–is a surefire way to kick start a lifelong
    positive relationship with healthy foods. Who wouldn’t want to snack on the
    real thing after playing with these sweet and salad-worthy charmers?

    $32, underthenile.com