• Fall Into Fall Foliage!

    Take In The Breathtaking Autumn Atmosphere At One Of These Nearby Natural Oases

    By New York Family

    autumn’s cool breezes and still-sunny skies, the next few weeks are the perfect
    time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons with your
    family. Lucky for us, the city (and surrounding areas) boast great locations to
    take in magnificent fall foliage. To help you plan your autumn
    sightseeing, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite destinations to marvel at
    Mother Nature.

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    Fall Into Fall Foliage!

    Take In The Breathtaking Autumn Atmosphere At One Of These Nearby Natural Oases

    By New York Family

    With autumn’s
    cool breezes and September’s still-sunny skies, the next few weeks are the
    perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons with
    your loved ones, and lucky for us, the city (and
    New York’s surrounding states) boast some
    amazing locations to see the magnificent fall foliage. To help you plan your autumn
    adventures, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite destinations to marvel at
    Mother Nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy!

    The City Parks

    Central Park

    We all know that Central Park is one of the city’s brightest gems,
    but with its 250 acres of lawns, 26,000 trees, 150 acres of lakes streams
    and 130 acres of woodlands, the park is especially breathtaking during the
    fall. With trees like the rare American Elm, the Norway Elm (which turns deep yellow in the fall), the Shingle Oak  (which keeps its leaves longer than other species), the Sugar Maple (whose leaves boast a wide variety of spectacular fall colors in its leaves),  kids will love spotting different trees and collecting a
    diverse trove of leaves.

    Pack a picnic for Sheep Meadow or the Great Lawn, hike
    through the Ramble, take a Gondola ride on the lake or a Guided Walking Tour
    through the park. Of course, there’s always great family events in
    Central Park happening every day, from story
    times to outdoor fitness and play. For a complete schedule of
    Central Park activities, click here.

    Bryant Park

    This city park is an oasis that radiates peace and tranquility. Six
    flower-beds border Bryant Park’s Lawn to the north and south; two on the South end
    and three on the North end, which are planted seasonally with 100 species of
    woody shrubs and herbaceous perennials and 20,000 bulbs. The park’s twin
    promenades are bordered by London Plane Trees, which can grow up to 120 feet in
    height. Finally, Bryant Park’s lawn is 300 feet long and 215 feet wide, making
    it a great place to stretch out, play and enjoy the autumn air. With such a
    wide variety of flowers and lovely trees, this is a fantastic place to visit
    with your family to enjoy the coming fall.

    Madison Square Park

    Madison Square Park is a charming green space and
    playground, and is particularly attuned to the wants and needs of families,
    with frequent arts and craft projects, outdoor concerts and self-guided
    educational activities. The playground also has tons of hands-on fun for kids
    of all ages, and the lawn boasts plenty of shady spots for picnics and
    relaxing. Some of the
    plants in bloom at
    Madison Square Park include September
    Honorine Jobert, London Plane Trees,
    Rose Mallow, and Nikko Blue Hydrangeas.

    Prospect Park

    Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is a lush natural oasis for
    families, boasting 585 acres and 150 different types of trees, including the Black
    Norway, Sycamore Maple, Red Oak, and Sweet
    Gum. Bring along a guide book to trees and plant life—your kids will love
    trying to spot some of the more rare trees in the park, like the Cutleaf Beech,
    Single Leaf Ash and Weeping Mulberry. Prospect
    Park also has plenty of outdoor fun activities
    for kids, including horseback riding lessons, bird watching, fishing, a great
    zoo and walking tours.

    Flushing Meadows Corona Park

    famous, 1,255-acre
    Queens Park
    is the largest and has a wide range
    of sights to see and places to explore. Looking for fun fall activities? This
    park has it all; they offer picnic areas, miniature golf, bicycle rental
    stands, fields for soccer and baseball and have noteworthy sites such as two
    lakes where you can rent paddle boats, the Queens Botanical Gardens, the New
    York Hall of Science
    the Queens Zoo, and the Queens Museum of Art.

     Check out Willow Lake, where you can see beautiful willow
    trees as well as Sweet Gum, Maple, Witch Hazel, Dogwood and more gorgeous fall

    Kissena Park

    largely undiscovered local neighborhood spot
    , this
    Queens park is bigger than one
    might think. Cleaned up in 2004, they offer golf courses, baseball and soccer
    fields, a cricket pitch and the only Velodrome, a bike track for racing
    bicycles, in
    New York City. The park also have areas
    where you can play basketball, cricket, or baseball as well as hiking
    trails. When it comes to taking in the fall foliage, Kissena Park is a great destination, boasting 100 different types of trees,
    including Maples,
    Iranian Parrotia and
    Cork, Chinese Toon, Asian
    Katsura, Beeches, and the rare Bald Cypress. 

    Bronx Park

    718.1 acre park has some of NYC’s most beautiful outdoor spaces
    , in addition to an ecologically diverse wildlife population! The park is home to Maples, Oaks, Beeches, Orange Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac, and
    Witch Hazel. Families can take a walk along the
    Bronx River and check out the
    habitats of different fish and birds, or visit any of the fields to play
    soccer, baseball, or to sit down and have a picnic.
    Bronx Park also has dog runs, fitness
    equipment, tennis courts, zoos and aquariums, and areas where you can go
    kayaking or canoeing.

    Bronx Park
    is also home to the vast and breathtaking New York Botanical Garden, 
    which boasts the great family resource,  the Edible Garden where you
    and your family can learn how to create your own vegetable garden, view
    demonstrations from food and gardening experts, see cooking demos; participate
    in festivals, and more! 

    Van Cortlandt Park

    over a thousand acres and located in the
    Northwest BronxVan Cortlandt Park is New York City’s fourth largest park.
    It boasts fields, horseback riding trails, playgrounds, basketball courts, and
    dog runs. This park also allows you to fish, visit nature centers, and is home
    to the oldest House in the
    Bronx and the borough’s largest fresh water
    lake. Check out its beautiful, majestic Oak and Grey Birch trees to get your
    fill of stunning fall foliage.

    Clove Lakes Park

    One of the
    more famous sites to see at this
    Staten Island Park is the borough’s largest living plant, the
    Tulip Tree;
    which is 107 feet tall and is at least three hundred years old, and
    survived the clearing and logging of the area. In addition, the park is also
    home to red oaks and silver maples too. This 198.05-acre park also has fields
    and courts for children to play in, a dog run, fitness equipment, hiking
    trails, and more!

    Greenbelt Park

    This Staten Island oasis offers families plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun,  as its equipped with a nature center, hiking trails,
    educational programs for visiting students, and a classic Victorian carousel.
    Majestic Oak, Beech, Maple, Sweet Gum and Tulip trees sport their fall attire
    as the temperature drops and the days become shorter while shades of crimson,
    gold, orange and yellow will remind us that the season is changing and Autumn
    is here. The park’s stunning vistas are particularly lovely where colors are
    reflected in any one of the area’s glacier ponds and spring-fed lakes.

    Just Outside of
    New York City

    Blue Mountain Reservation

    1538-acre park located in the northwest section of
    Westchester County
    offers families plenty of
    trails for hiking, nature study, and mountain biking. Its mixed hardwood
    forest contains Oak,
    Hickory, Tulip, Sassafras, Dogwood,
    Sugar Maple, Birch, and Beech trees, and kids will love spotting and identifying different species. Older kids and more serious hikers looking for a challenge will enjoy taking on
    Blue Mountain and Mt. Spitzenberg. This park also has
    boating and fishing opportunities, picnic areas, and much more! For more
    information, please visit their website at:

    Bronx River Parkway
    Westchester’s oldest park and boasts 807 acres that are
    located in the heart of southern
    Westchester. This park features a
    variety of native flora and fauna, ponds, nature trails, and areas for biking.
    Some of the foliage includes Red Maple, River Birch, White Oak, Sycamore, and Sweet
    Gum; it’s the perfect getaway to discover the wonders of fall!

    Monmouth Battlefield State Park

    New Jersey, this state park preserves a landscape
    straight out of the 18th century and offers miles of hiking and
    horseback riding trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a variety of events. For
    great foliage, check out their Oak trees and their orchards where you can pick
    your own apples or pumpkins in September and October.

    Photo: Greenbelt Park, courtesy of Greenbelt Park.

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