January 5, 2014

N.Y. Philharmonic Very Young People’s Concert: “Brass” At Merkin Concert Hall

By Emanuelle Block

Trumpet, trombone, tuba.  Explore this bold section of the symphony orchestra (the brass!) featuring selections from Leonard Bernstein’s On The Town and Rossini’s William Tell.  As part of the “At Home With Philharmonic Families” series, its a great way to introduce children to classical music–through games, active listening, and hands-on music making.  Before the concert, musicians greet families with creative activities.  After the performance, children can try the orchestral instruments themselves.  Starting $22.  Ages 3-6.  Sunday 12:30pm and 3pm, Monday 10:30am.  129 West 67th Street.  (212) 875-5656.  nyphil.org