The Best Smartphone Apps For Techie Tots

By Iman Saad

Raising digital natives means screening the best age-appropriate apps for your curious kiddos

Fiete Match Fiete Match Kids (and babies and toddlers) these days seem to adapt to technology faster than ever--so while you may remember your very first (and not-so-sleek) cell phone coming not too long ago, children growing up in today's world are using smartphones and tablets from the get-go. But what does it all mean for parents striving to raise [more]

To Test Or Not To Test?

By Kristin Tablang

The Opt Out Movement pushes back against standardized testing

images There’s a new trend sweeping the public education sector, fueled by the increasing discontentment of those who take issue with the current nature of standardized state testing, and the manner in which it is conducted. The Opt out of Testing Movement--whose advocates believe that there are better ways to evaluate students’ progress and teachers’ ability than the present standardized testing methods [more]

Geek Out With Tech-Based Summer Camps

By Jodi Silberstein

Forward-Thinking Math- And Science-Based Programs For Kids Are Changing The Landscape Of Summertime Enrichment

Relativity Workshops Relativity Workshops When playing a game of word association, the word “camp” probably doesn’t bring to mind activities like video game design or app development. Instead, one usually pictures three-legged races, obstacle courses, and friendship bracelets, right? Well, thanks to a host of innovative tech-based summer programs, the times seem to be changing. For the past decade, STEM [more]

Education Resource: Bee Tutored

By New York Family

Bee Tutored—a local tutoring company getting results since 2007—matches families with tutors in a budget-friendly way

Bee Tutored_LOGO (1) Selecting educational support for your children can be a tough decision, but Bee Tutored—a local tutoring company getting results since 2007—matches families with tutors in a budget-friendly way. Ranging in levels from Kindergarten through high school, and catering to needs from test prep to language learning, Bee Tutored partners students up with tutors based on personality, interests and strengths to [more]

The Secrets of the Best Schools

By Anna Boisseau

By Following Three American High School Students Studying Abroad, Journalist Amanda Ripley Wrote An Engaging Book About How Other Countries Educate Their Children To Great Success—And The Problems And Possibilities Of An American Education

Smartest Kids jacket w NYT Before journalist Amanda Ripley began researching international schooling for a magazine article, she wasn’t entirely convinced that she wanted to write about the topic. “I didn’t say so out loud, but education stories seemed, well, kind of soft,” she admits in the prologue of her book, The Smartest Kids In The World: And How They Got That Way. But Ripley’s insightful [more]

The Passionate Learner

By Anna Sims

Educator Jennifer Fox guides parents and teachers in helping students harness the power of their natural strengths.

Having spent decades in the classroom as both a teacher and administrator, Jenifer Fox could see that the current education system was flawed. And that problem wasn’t money, test scores, or any of the usual suspects—at least not directly. Schools were spending too much time focusing on children’s academic shortcomings, she realized, and not enough time nurturing their passions and [more]