• Classes Of The Week: SciTech Kids’ Adventurers and Investigators & 14th Street Y’s 2 x 2 and Now We Are Three

    The Joy Of Science For Grade-Schoolers. Preschool Prep and Personal Development For Toddlers.

    By New York Family

    For older kids:  SciTech Kid’s Adventurers (ages 6-8) and Investigators (ages 9-12)

    SciTech Kids’ innovative founder, Kim Magloire, has the gift of making science fun and exciting for kids—and not in a cheesy circus-like fashion. Rather, she does this in a way that really engages them in the scientific process through inquiry and project-based work. It’s really quite amazing. Their after-school programs include Adventures 6-8), in which students evaluate scientific evidence and explanations as they conduct experiments, design bridges, build robots, and learn about space, botany, amusement park science, DNA, the human body, and renewable energy. There’s also Investigators (9-12), in which students are engaged by holistic experiences such as forensic CSI investigations, interactive mystery science games developed by MIT researchers, and community designing using solar power.

    For more on SciTech Kids, and to review their full menu of classes for pre-schoolers to teens, visit sci-techkids.com.

    For younger kids: 14th Street Y’s 2 X 2 And Now We Are Three

    The 14th Street Y offers a lot for new families. Many of their programs are long-running and much loved hits like their preschool prep classes,  2 X 2 and  Now We Are Three class. In 2 X 2, there is a non-separating class that  channels a toddler’s energy and unbounded curiosity through a lively mix of music, dance, gym, art and creative play activities–as well as a gradually separating class that stimulates your child’s social, physical, and cognitive development while safeguarding that security throughout the separation process. Now We Are Three uses a combination of individual and group projects, art, music, creative movement, storytelling, and outdoor play to promote independence, creativity, socialization, and confidence within an educational setting.

    For more on the 14th Street Y, and to review their full menu of classes and programs for kids of all ages, parents, and parents-to-be, visit 14streety.org.


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